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Learning Catalan From Spanish and Spanish From English

Sounds kinda funny, doesn't it? A native English speaker learning Spanish and Catalan from that second language? How can it be done?

Surprisingly, it's very easy; I just do a skill set in the Spanish tree and find the matching skill in Catalan if available. It causes some confusion, sure, but it's easy to work around. In fact, because the languages are so similar, it helps me remember vocabulary better (especially the dreaded conjugations.)

But that's not why I made this discussion. I wanna know if any of you guys are doing something similar, and if it's worked for you.

EDIT: I've been recently informed that this is called "laddering". Sorry for any confusion that might've been caused.

April 18, 2017



It is refered to as laddering, in these and some other forums.


I know you posted this two years ago, but I too was intrigued! I really wanted to learn Catalan alongside Spanish, especially as the Spanish taught in Duo is more South American based, and I really wanted to learn Spanish to converse in Spain. Barcelona is my destination of choice, and I found someone I was following was studying Catalan so as it was not offered from English to Catalan I too found it from Spanish to Catalan and waded in. I feel it is filling out some more of my Spanish too!


I completely forgot about this post and just noticed your comment. Haha. It's still a little frustrating that Catalan still isn't available for English speakers, but I'm still enjoying it.


You and me both! Trying to struggle through!

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