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Architecture that encourages communication?

I am learning more about something called DeafSpace. I've watched a video about it a couple of times. I'm curious about what other ways architecture can encourage (or inhibit) communication for many language communities, including but not limited to sign languages.

Also, if you're curious about the DeafSpace video, you can watch it Here. It's very cool. It would be great if we incorporated these designs into all schools. :)

Thanks for sharing your insights!


April 18, 2017



This seems like a really interesting topic to me as well. I believe that there could be a school like this similarly made for blind people. For example, rails with brail on them saying something like "this way for xxx" and so on would be really cool (I might sound ignorant because maybe this already exists, but I know literally nothing about being blind). I also believe that ramps should be implemented everywhere. Honestly I like going up ramps more than stairs, and ramps in general are better for physically disabled people since I would personally be quite afraid to go down stairs while I'm blind! Anyways, thanks for the cool video :)


In the books, Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow, new recruits are able to find their way around by colored strips, and also alerted by flashing colored strips, I think. Something like that, it's been a while. I hadn't thought of braille along railing doing something similar. That's a really cool idea!

This is thinking creatively about language access and communication! :D


Learned something new today... This is awesome!!!! I think spreading awareness of this topic, in particular, should definitely be a priority these days. I love how simple things, to help others, can make a huge difference XD

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