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  5. "Her wealth is big."

"Her wealth is big."

Traduction :Sa richesse est grande.

March 15, 2014

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As a native English speaker, I would never say "her wealth is big". But, it is simple English, and most people would understand what you mean to say.

Instead I would use variations of "immense fortune".

  • Her fortune is immense.
  • She has an immense fortune.
  • Her father left her an immense fortune.
  • Despite his immense fortune, he is not happy.

I would also say:

  • Despite his immense wealth, he is not happy.


I might also say, "She has great wealth" or "She is a woman of great wealth."


She is very wealthy / rich ?


Her wealth is great.


Thanks for these precisions. Would you say "huge wealth"?


The term "huge wealth" is used, though where I live we wouldn't say "her wealth is huge".

Some examples about the wealth gap (wealth inequality):

  • China has a huge wealth gap.
  • the causes and consequences of this huge wealth gap
  • In the USA the already huge wealth gap between whites and non-whites is growing.
  • There is a huge wealth gap between the poorest families and the richest.

Some examples about amassing, generating, creating and gaining huge wealth:

  • Australian Mining Boom Generates Huge Wealth
  • How to Create Huge Wealth With Little Risk
  • Carlos Slim is Mexican, and he was able to amass huge wealth through a monopolistic control of telecommunications in the country.
  • Relatives of China's top leaders often trade on their political connections to amass huge wealth.
  • ... young Russian billionaires, between 40 and 50 years old, have gained huge wealth.
  • Through their travels, raids, and conquests, the Vikings gained huge wealth.

You can also use the term in non-financial contexts. Two examples are wealth of knowledge and wealth of data:

  • In almost all business sectors, there is a huge wealth of knowledge trapped within people.
  • The teaching was of the highest level. Lecturers and tutors obviously possessed a huge wealth of knowledge within their particular field.
  • The spacecraft lander's batteries are expected to last just 64 hours – that should be enough for scientists to gather a huge wealth of data.
  • Facebook will now be able to tap into a huge wealth of data about real-time social interactions (when Facebook bought WhatsApp)


Thank you so much.


Thanks for all these precisions


Using 'precisions' here sounds unnatural. I would use 'clarifications' instead.


I'll try to remember it, thanks


Y a un fumier qui met des -1 a tout le monde.


Thank you ! I didn't know that the word "immense" exist in English


j'aurai plutôt traduit ca par "sa richesse est importante"


j'aurais ... ça..


l'opératrice ne peut-elle pas faire un (gros !) effort de prononciation !! Faute de contexte, il est souvent difficile de comprendre ce qui est dit. Ici par exemple, j'ai entendu 'her wall is big" , ce qui peut aussi faire sens !


En tant que français de souche, on ne dit pas non plus "grande" en parlant de la richesse de quelqu'un. On préfère le terme "importante", mais cette réponse n'est pas acceptée par DL


Big je l'aurais aussi traduis par énorme


"énorme" : "huge".


Even though this English sentence has been flagged by so many people for up to six years, it has not been corrected. I would say 'Her wealth is considerable' or 'Her wealth is significant' or a number of other expressions, but not 'big'.


Et pourquoi pas sa fortune est importante

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