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"Mèo thích chơi với đuôi của nó."

Translation:The cat loves playing with its tail.

April 18, 2017



How come "thích" can't be "likes" as usual? Also "to play" rather than "playing" is perfectly correct in English.


"Thích" can mean love in this sentence? Would "yêu" be an interchangeable word or is that reserved for people?


In Vietnamese, you don't use "yêu" for things you do, unless it is like, your dream job.


Not in some exercises here: "Anh ấy yêu cái xe đạp màu hồng của mình" I distinctly remember.

I understand your objection, Huy, but the problem here in DL this restriction on the use of 'yêu' has not been enforced, so people will use 'yêu' for 'love' and letting them get by with it and then zapping them here late in the game is not right. Just sayin'.

Can you change the English to "likes" to avoid this confusion?


My viet husband tells me yêu is for romantic love only, but this course doesn't seem to agree with that.


What about "thương"?


Couldn't it be plural here?


Realy?? Realy??! Oh comeon -_-


"Likes" not "loves". Nothing wrong with the Vietnamese sentance here, just the english translstion is confusing (although not entirely incorrect).

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