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Missing Activity Stream?

Has anyone else lost their activity stream in the past 24 hours? I'm certain mine was here last night, but now it seems to be gone. I've checked a few other random accounts, and they all have missing streams as well (though some seem to have a comment box to leave them a message). Is this an issue with my internet, or is this the doing of Duolingo? This, in combination with my Polish and Spanish trees turning back to color, has left me a REALLY unhappy language learner. I'm fine with working a little bit harder to get my trees gold again, but I'm not sure I can get over losing my activity stream. I check it everyday, often multiple times, to reflect back on my progress and to boost my motivation.

April 18, 2017



Hi Onagraceae. They've removed activity for good. If you haven't seen it already, here is the discussion:https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909


Faith!!! :D... It's so sad that the activity is gone :( I miss everyone already... Wow you are soo close to 100 days!! :)


I miss you too, Shan!! I heard Duolingo might be implementing something as a replacement for activity, but who knows when that will happen or if it will be as good. Thanks; I'm not really that close though ;-) You're about to hit 50 days!!


Yay!! My Half-100 day streak :-) You're just a stone's throw away ;-) I hope it will be good, or even better than the activity.


:D :D Haha, "a stone's throw away"; I like that :-) Yes, I guess it's better to stay positive about it! I just hope we get the replacement soon!


It is happening to everyone. Just check the posts on the Troubleshooting page, it's really happening to everyone.


Ah, I always forget that place exists! I guess it's spring cleaning time for websites, too....


I keep clicking on my name to check my activity only to be reminded of the suffocating sterility that has engulfed my level-ups and learned-skills :(


I have been questioning the same thing for the past hour XD!!


It always does that. Why?


Duolingo's activity stream function has been turned off, as an emergency measure: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909

For the moment, this means that users can't contact each other except in the public forums. Luis has said that they're working on an alternative.


Hi there, there has just been a recent official announcement regarding this issues of the missing activity stream here:

It would be appreciated if you could stop adding to this discussion and place any of your additional concerns and queries about this issue - after you have read the announcement and associated other comment - on this official announcement discussion.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation at this time to also assist in keeping our focus on language learning, and being able to provide this language learning for free.

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