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Alpha Testing Messing Up Other Trees?

As you can see by the Japanese flag, I am testing the Japanese for English course. My question is, could this have possibly messed up my other trees? Skills that I tested out of now need improvement on my Spanish tree, same with French. Or is this just because I need to genuinely review?

April 18, 2017



I am also an alpha tester for the Japanese course, and in the instructions they said that it was very important to use a different account for the Japanese alpha testing because it could mess up your other accounts. They made it seem like it was kind of important :)


Yeah, I did not read the entire email apparently haha.


I thinks it has nothing to do with Japanese. There were too many complaints about this issue today.


Okay, thank you!


The emailed instructions for the Japanese alpha test did recommend creating a new account lest it somehow affect other trees (in my excitement to try the course I neglected to read them properly at the time). However, I have noticed no problems with any other courses so far.
Changes today in fluency and skill strength appear to be a matter unconnected with the Japanese alpha test.


Alright, thank you. And that's what happened to me, too, with the excitement of the course thing.


I agree with njguliyev (what a user name!! How do you remember it?!)

My guess: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22225104


Well, N. J. are my initials and Guliyev is my last name, so ... :-)


Oh, well that's plain old easy. Pfft!


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I think that's just a glitch. My Spanish score went down a little, too. How is the Japanese course btw? How many skills does it have and how do they teach kanji? When do you think it'll actually be out?


Have not counted the skills yet, though it seems pretty short as of now. My only issue is the lack of audio, but that's to be expected with a new course. I'm not very far in the course, and kanji seems to just kind of be thrown at me as of now. I don't know when it will be out, but my guess is late May/early June.

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Thanks, if it's not too much trouble, could you please count the skills for me? (The major ones on the home page that turn gold, I don't mean every skill of course).


I am curious what they meant by affecting your other courses. Switching in and out of a new account is such a hassle that I'm losing motivation to keep alpha testing.


I think that this is normal. I, too, when I tested out skills in German or in English or in Romanian, they needed more often refreshment than the other skills.

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