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There are options available still

Dear Duolingo community,

I would like to make you aware of a new language learning site designed for and by serious and committed learners. Community Translation offers the opportunity to translate copyright free materials in virtually unlimited language combinations. It also offers the ability for in-depth conversation about language concepts, grammar, vocabulary, and idioms.

Please note that this is not a replacement for Duolingo. We offer no lingots, no XP, no tiers, etc. There is no gamification, just the opportunity to develop your language skills in a community of language enthusiasts. Once you have reached the ability to write and start conversations in your target language, consider this as supplement to Duolingo to increase your language skills. There are no formal lessons. All content is learner created and directed.

If this interests you, please register at the following link: http://communitytranslation.freeforums.net/


Jo Thelan

April 19, 2017


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I can also vouch and recommend them in my private capacity , for this community of dedicated language learners at :http://communitytranslation.freeforums.net/
( i.e. not as a representative of Duolingo. I vouch for them in my position as a person, who volunteers my resources for the benefit of language learning being available for free. )

They are active and kind and focused on developing language skills in a community of language enthusiasts, in a safe and respectful community.


Thank you for your kind words, Linda! The development of community along with improving our language skills is one of our main goals.


I'm unclear how this forum works; is it all done using Google documents? Does one need a Google account?


That is one of the platforms used, yes. To translate with google docs you will need to create a google account.


Hi Jo! I was never a big Immersion user, but I might give this a try if that's OK. I've signed up as annikaa, could you verify my account? Cheers!


You're verified now, welcome!


I just signed up as Lento.


Welcome, Lento! I have just verified your account.


I also vouch for this. I haven't been a member very long, but the community we have is lovely and we care deeply for what we do. If we can help in any way, we will be there. Jo has been most amazing in her creation of this, and I really hope to see all of you there.



Thanks, Cam! Your vote of support means a lot to me. I'm so glad that you've been able to notice these things in the short time that you've been with us already.


165 days is a long time to call not very long... ;-)


So is this like immersion?


Yes and no. It doesn't look exactly like immersion did on Duolingo. Perhaps someday we will be able to create a platform more like that. We do have two translating platforms available. The site is where we meet to post which documents are available. We are able to collaborate in real time; that is edit, comment, and chat within the documents. We've completed some projects and continued others started ago on Duo. Currently we have teams working together in French, German, English, Spanish, and Italian. We're hoping to attract more languages learners/natives to join the Russian, Portuguese, Finnish and additional native speakers currently on site. It does have a strong community spirit and people willing to teach and learn.


Yes, it is a form of Immersion, albeit not exactly the same. We offer a greater level of communication for translators working on the same project, which allows for excellent learning opportunities. We do not offer external motivators, such as XP or tiers.

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