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I have several questions about the new achievements.

  1. Why don't they show up on my computer? (I only see them on my Android OS phone.)
  2. Can you get the master achievement multiple times?
  3. Can others see my achievements?

I hope Duolingo comes up with more achievements and harder ones. I can dig them, but by the end of my first week, I will have all but one of them. (The time zone one might be a hassle.)

April 19, 2017


  1. Currently, achievements are only on Android. Sorry I can't answer you other questions, I don't have android.


now it's on pc too


but i can't find any


It's another AB test I have Android and no achievements


That sucks. They could be cooler, but I like having them.


They usually make bigger changes on Android and/or iPhone before making them on the desktop version of the site. About the "master" achievement, I can't tell for sure, but from what I have seen with other achievements, they do not change nor do they get affected by further instances of the same achievement happening. Only you can see your achievements for now, you can confirm this by trying to see the achievements of the people you follow; they do not appear shown anywhere on their profiles.... yet.


Thanks and gracias!


Hi! Where can you view your achievements? I (stupidly) checked the box informing me of the update before fully digesting the message... now I have no idea where they're at. :(


They are located in your profile, but you can only view them on the Android app as far as I know. (At least at the moment.)


I have the Android App and I've already got some achievements. Let's hope the PC version also has achievements soon.


I agree. More and better ones too.


Love the achievements on my android phone! Just wondering if anyone has earned the "sharpshooter" award? I have completed several new lessons without error but have not been able to get the award.


You have to complete a new lesson you can't strengthen one or repeat one


So I guess since I already completed my tree and have no more new lessons, I can't get that last award. Thanks


Time for a new language then! :)


Actually, I have learned so much with Duolingo and continue to learn more each day. Increasing usage and vocabulary. Just got the last award by completing an earlier "new lesson" that I tested out of when I first started Duolingo. The awards were a nice incentive for the time I spent working for them.


That's cool. I completed my Spanish tree then moved on to reading books in Spanish (instead of reviewing, though I should probably do that too). If you haven't yet, you should try reading books in French. It's easier than you think. Read them on a touch Kindle and it will define/translate a word with a touch.


Yes. For me it appeared on the first try, along with some other achievements as soon as I completed my daily target, despite the fact that the first lesson was also completed with no error.


I have not been able to get the award either, but I am trying. (By the way, I am using an iPhone).

[deactivated user]

    Hi I am using the web, it does appear you get told about the new achievements you unlocked, but you can't seem to find where they are listed.


    Yes, I've had this too – several of them flashed up on my (desktop) screen one evening – but I haven't seen them since!


    so right now iam using a chromebook and i dont see achivements show up on the computer.

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