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  5. "These are all our resources."

"These are all our resources."

Translation:Це всі наші ресурси.

April 19, 2017



Shouldn't it be ці всі наші ресурси, not це?


"ці всі наші ресурси" means something like "all these our resources". In sentences like "this is..." and "these are..." we use "Це..." no matter what are the number and the gender of the object.


Huh? Doesn't ці have to agree with the plural наші and ресурси? Or is this another one of those exceptions which they don't tell you is an exception? I've said it before - tell me the right way first, THEN test it. Don't make me guess the first time I see it. As much as I enjoy Duo, they have some rather illogical and inefficient methods here and there. It would be nice if there were some explanations as to what they are doing and why. Like Sosnytskiy, above, demonstrates. Having that little nugget of truth before hand would go a long way to eliminating errors in grammar. Instead, we are forced to just parrot back what came before and hope it isn't an exception.

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