"Serengeti kuna paa wengi"

Translation:There are many gazelles in Serengeti

April 19, 2017

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My answer "There are many gazelle" was correct.

Should it have "Serengeti" in the answer too?

Reported 2017/04/18


The problem is still there nearly 6 months later.


It's still there in March 2018, too. Reported again.


This is an incorrect translation, and needs to be changed


It will only get changed if we keep reporting it (with the report button - not here, which is just for discussions among the students). I hope you already did that.

I wrote "There are many gazelles in the Serengeti", clicked on Report and selected My answer should have been accepted.


There's a problem with the exercise (28th April 2018)


Still not fixed Dec 26 2018


Very frustrating, but if it is any comfort I have received 10 Duolingo feedback messages in the last 2 weeks that they have accepted other reports I made.

The Swahili course developers have surges of activity like this every so often, and eventually they will get round to fixing this question too.


UPDATE: I just got this reply from Duolingo (31 Dec 2018):
You suggested “In the Serengeti there are many gazelles” as a translation for “Serengeti kuna paa wengi” We now accept this translation.
And I have received 38 similar Duolingo replies in the 5 days since my previous comment. Things are looking up!


Yes. I've had a flood of accepted corrections. Unfortunately I don't agree with some them, usually because there was more than one error and I only corrected one of them!

[deactivated user]

    Is paa when referring to animals only a gazelle, or might it also be an antelope, and/or other species as well?

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