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Who else feels that Duolingo is becoming worse and worse?

There are probably many discussions about this already, but... I wanted to know exactly how many people out there feel the same. Please don't downvote to invisibility. EDIT: I opened a new discussion that is a lot less negative here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22299275

April 19, 2017




It is an interesting time

It is a lot better

from when it began

changes were needed

those changes were explained

I hope that this post

remains alive

opinions should be heard

We should support

Luis as a good heart

Easy to complain

more difficult to solve

Luis seeks to solve


[deactivated user]

    Hi Jack Elliot, I love your feed-back. I do believe that Luis is doing is best. And, to keep this website free for users must be a tremendous challenge. Thanks for sharing.


    I certainly understand your point, but you also have to understand that Duolingo needs to change - or it will be broke at some point in the future. What do you exactly want to use - a Duolingo that changes (and is still free) or no Duolingo at all? Sure, we can argue about those changes, how they are communicated a.s.o., but even though I can understand the users, I can also understand the staff's decisions. I, for one, loved immersion and as a moderator, I am heavily dependant on the activity streams (and as a normal user, I also used to use the streams regularly). But again, I can also understand the decisions staff has to make. The ways they are communicated need improvement for sure, but that has become better than in the past 2 years.


    Sometimes things go wrong unexpectedly, like the activity stream, and sometimes compromises need to be made, like with the advertisements. I think they're doing their best, but it costs a lot of money to keep Duolingo up and running, and it's difficult to make enough money when the service you're providing is free. We as users can always provide feedback, and there will be ups and downs inevitably, but since Duolingo began it has always been steadily improving with a few setbacks between the improvements, and I'm sure it will continue to do the same in the future.


    Personally, I like some of the changes Duolingo has made over the years. For me, it isn't not all in a bad direction.

    As a long time community member, allow me to reflect on what I can quickly recall while sitting here: We now have check marks that help us figure out when we've reached our streak for the day. Our comment boxes are expandable for when we are typing. The color of the background is not as harsh on light sensitive eyes. (it's not perfect, but, ugh, it used to be migraine worthy!). We can also donate lingots to people who create discussions, instead of only people who create comments.

    There is now a discussion stream, so I don't have to click on each forum individually to see what is happening in them. And, it also means if I make a post in the Spanish etc forum, it won't be ignored. So, there is less temptation for folks to put every discussion in the general forum so it will get seen.

    Moderation tools have expanded, so y'all don't have 6 hours worth of hundreds of poop and porn posts produced by the same account while we wait for staff to log on for their shift. It no longer takes a team of two moderators 2 hours to clear 800 comments in a single Sentence Discussion. Our status as moderators is now easier for people to recognize. Our profiles stand out more and people can hover a mouse over our icon in the forum and the word "moderator" pops p.

    The Incubator now exists, so there are more courses than just English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and French. We now have a Words tab, Tiny Cards, and the Bots. There is now a Help page with lots of information and tips on Troubleshooting. There are also now Bonus Skills and features to help teachers use Duolingo in the Classroom. (Ok, that last one comes with some pros and cons in the opinion of some forum goers. Hopefully the pros of expanding multilingualism will outweigh those in the bigger picture though.)

    Folks on the website no longer have to deal with 3 strikes and you're out when it comes to the lessons. (In the past, if we made three mistakes, we had to start a lesson over again from the beginning.

    True, we no longer have Immersion or the Activity stream. Duolingo has added advertisements while offering us a way to remove them/a way to financially support this learning resource. A new communication method is headed our way. We don't know what that is yet, true. And, whatever it is will probably go through growing pains. What I want to emphasize though, is that it hasn't all been a downhill snowball.

    Oh, and our mascot Duo went through a redesign or two. When Duo got it's current design, some people left in protest. So, it's up to the individual whether or not to tack the current Duo next to Immersion and the Activity stream or not.


    I think it's the best thing there is. Keep in mind this is a work in progress and you get to work with a team creative geniuses in realizing the goal of bringing free language learning to the world. There are bound to be bumps along the road. Be patient. Stay optimistic.


    Probably it is, but sometimes one has to step back to get a bigger picture. It is a good initiative, but if it is inefficient and does not gather money it will not last long. It would be a pity if after gathering 150 million people under its guidance suddenly Duolingo succumbed to lack of funding or extreme slow down due to programming problems. Even if immersion was something unique, at this stage and form it was unmanageable. Maybe it will revive later in a different way, but for now instead of complexity focus on the essence of this project - free language learning, maybe not perfect, but free for everyone. Given enough time and success, the rest will follow.


    Despite getting 'worse' than it may have been at one time, it's still the best language learning option I've used so far. I can understand the changes that were made to the site, but I do also find the lack of prior notice pretty annoying. Changes are a lot less bothersome when I know about them beforehand, instead of logging in one day and noticing the change after the fact.

    I'd still stand by saying duolingo is my favorite language learning method, though. It repeats things at a good pace and level so that it's not too fast or too slow. I tried using Memrise, it's alright, too. But it seems much more repetitive, and the course I tried (French) had vocabulary placed in a really odd way. There were words that were long and complex at the very beginning, making it intimidating, and almost impossible to get a grasp on. Learning from a textbook is kinda 'eh', too. There isn't anything that really engages my mind or directs me to focus on something specific, so there's just a lot of words I'll probably forget.

    In the end, duolingo's lessons stay the same, and there is work being done to add more courses. The language learning material is the most important part to me and I think duolingo does a very good job on that, at least.


    I am only taking one course German, this comment is based on this course only. A few month ago the German course was extended. The addition has made the course better than before. How can Lolegit, taking the same course, make such a comment?


    There are eight courses here that offer German as a target language. Were all eight of these courses similarly extended? If not, perhaps Lolegit901 is taking one of the German courses that wasn’t extended.


    I'm new to Duolingo, and most of my experiences have been positive, but I posted this comment right after Luis announced the removal of the streams.


    The only problem they should get rid of the fluency rating, as it doesnt work and every day many people ask about it wondering why it doesnt work.


    Stop being mean! This website is awesome!


    Marvellous is the word you were looking for


    I think it's getting better. Of course, I've only been here for a few months, but my experiences have been nothing but positive. Maybe it is worse than years ago, but it's not worse than months ago.


    It's not worse than years ago. Every time staff makes a change the community goes berserk and yells about how terrible it was, and the "good old days" and threatens to leave.

    People don't like change, and if there's anything constant about Duolingo, it's that it's always changing.


    Change really is hard. Harder for some of us than others. Over the years, I've been able to observe my own internal response to the bigger changes on Duolingo. It's been really helpful. The first week is the most stressful for me, I think of a lot of the downsides to the change. During the second week, I start sorting myself out and taking in some of the pros and cons of the changes.

    > People don't like change, and if there's anything constant about Duolingo, it's that it's always changing.

    So true.


    A lot of time, when something gets more popular, changes need to be made to satisfy the majority that may displease the small minority of more hardcore users. Duolingo is nowhere near as bad as it could be considering that it is free.


    Ja, Leider:( like how the activity stream has been recently taken down. But hopefully they will be able to keep the free education of languages free for us and replace the stream with something better:)


    Duo is good, but it's sad that Luis makes decisions without even talking to community at least what direction should we want to go.


    Luis makes decisions based on lots of data gathered from A/B tests.

    The odd thing about people is that we may believe we prefer "A" but tests show that we actually learn faster, retain longer, and are more consistent with "B". Our perceptions are fallible, but data is more reliable.

    Plus: we never, as a group, agree on anything.


    That's mainly the point i'm trying to make.


    I joined a few months ago and the only thing troubling me is the lag


    Like your profile pic :)


    thanks XD you too


    Please note that I posted this mostly in response to the removal of the Streams.


    I agree. I think they are going in the complete wrong direction. The ‘health'-thing is almost amazingly stupid, since it keeps you from learning. The new structure is a useless and less flexible compared to the old one (where you could repeat individual lessons). Return to the old design and lower the cost of premium would be the quick fix, but then it always seemed to me, that Duolingo has a lot of potential, but the team behind it are probably the most useless business people to ever walk the earth. Why make a change, that limits the time people spend on your product? That is just mindblowingly stupid. Sooner or later there will be a competing product, that really works, and Duolingo will be ancient history ...


    It's as if someone sat down and insisted it became shit with every update, but the last one is almost incredibly stupid


    duolingo SUCKS! end of story! the way they translate phrases from english is just completely wrong!!!! my friends and i keep on reporting the answers and follow multiple discussions about sentences that make ZERO sense and yet no reply or fix whatsoever... UNINSTALLED


    I definitely feels like Duolingo is getting worse. There is way too much repetition and not enough variation. I'm sure it used to shortcut the repetition if you were answering quickly and accurately. Also it doesn't seem as challenging - I can't remember the last time in a multiple choice question that there was more than one correct answer. As you go through the levels the difficulty does not seem to change much - I'm sure the whole thing is just getting dumbed down ....

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