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  5. "Who discovered the Americas?"

"Who discovered the Americas?"

Translation:Ai đã khám phá châu Mỹ?

April 19, 2017



OK. The translation above makes perfect sense to me. I was marked wrong for pluralizing "Americas" with "những". Evidently, the plural isn't necessary. However, the translation on the actual quiz page is different: "Ai đã khám phá ra châu Mỹ?" What's that doing there? Google translate tells me "ra" is a preposition, analogous to "out". Anybody know what's up with that?


1: The solution with "những" is marked wrong.
In Vietnamese, the two continents North America and South America is considered as one continent, thus no pluralization.

2: The translation on the actual quiz page is different.
On the lesson here? I don't know about VNese team's inconsistency. For the "ra" preposition, it is similar to many English preposition that create phrasal verbs, such as "out" in "find out".


Mỹ Châu and châu mỹ are both right. The former being used in the southern dialect and the latter being being used in the northern. Please accept it as correct


I just added it. thanks for reporting.

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