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Placement test error

While taking a placement test, I might have forgotten to report this error. Please consider "spouse" as an alternative translation for "wife" Alt text Thank you. Also, I am unable to double enter to create paragraph spaces in this window. (Just noticed). I am using Windows7 and Chrome.

March 15, 2014



You should report errors like this by clicking on the 'Support' tab to the left of your screen. You should type pretty much what you typed here, but make sure to include which skill the error showed up in (or which placement test you are referring to). Moderators/admins will be able to help you a lot better if you report it via the 'Support' tab.


Thank you for being kind to me and helpful. I usually use the Report button in lesson. Some offline matters arose while I was in the middle of the placement test. Once I had finished, I could not recall whether or not I had reported the error through the usual route. But, I had the image for some reason. Posting it was the only way I could be sure of my message. I was under the impression that both Troubleshooting and Support were legitimate pathways. If the Support tab is better, I will go through there. I will wait until tomorrow to move it, to see if anything comes of having it here. Thank you!

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