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Like a thousand Juliets, I miss my thousand Romeos

Like a thousand Juliets I have been separated from those whom I hold dear. The babbling brook that was my activity stream lies silent, as a vast river. The sounds I used to wake up to no longer move the air, and I miss my thousand Romeos. I miss the cheerful gentle greeting of Jack.Elliot making his rounds of encouragement to his tender friends. I miss following the darting of the inquisitive and generous mind of Festino_Lente sharing fine points and rare words with a fellow aficionado. I miss seeing Gabrielle28671 sending adorable french notes to her dear cousin in the morning, and Finnish Zzzzz adding beauty and weight to any serious language study. I miss the fire of Pennywhistler wholeheartedly rustling up tigers and cookies and making the world move inside and out. And Splushkin, the dedicated, who inspired me to start Russian and who learned Danish in kind so we could always help each other. DaveBoss, the steadfast and funny encourager, Licielo the poetess who showed me how to master fear and push forward, Jbm345, (Johanna), with whom I traveled to 1900's Barcelona in our minds to translate Gaudi's architecture, WendyMueller with musical & travel adventures, Iphigenia with her guiding light in all community related questions, and the overall great stars and teachers, AnaArias, Soybeba, Faeryeye... All of you and more, you ALL are my thousand Romeos, and it is a cruel blow to keep you only in my minds eye, no longer in my stream to see.

April 19, 2017



Thank you for your eloquent post! These are sad times but let us keep on smiling! :)


very cool, thank you Zzzzz... that's very funny, and you found it so fast!!


Marvellous poetry

kind words


to the future

After the immersion went I started this ....


It was written on the wall that the stream would be the next

So at last I put some of the best there from Zzzz and from some others

I only regreat was not saving the great work from the immersion

however there is always tommorrow and the future beyonf the rainbow.



You lift my heart and smooth my wrinkles :-) I think your blog is beautiful.


I miss the voices of many of those very same people. Like so many splashes of color on my activity wall, they bring smiles to my face, teach me new things, and enrich my life. Thanks for sharing, Camilla.


Exactly. I love the image of splashes of color on your activity wall! That is beautiful.


Dear Camilla, I'm honored to be mentioned in this beautiful and heartwarming message. I certainly will miss your thoughtful, friendly and witty stream messaging. You have been inspirational and very helpful to many, and I'm sure you'll continue to be so, because things here are not over, they are just changing! Don't take it too hard, this situation is going to land on its feet :-)

(Once was not enough: this message was béáútífúl. Thank you ∞)


You are right as always; béáútífúl is a word that can not have too many áççéñts! Thank you thank you!!


You are right, just changing.


Thank you for your beautiful, poetic words Camilla, you are too kind but I like you miss the old Duo and its sense of a real community of true friends striving to help each other in every way they could. Thankfully, we are still in contact but I am sad for the ones we have lost.


I wonder how we will all engage when this aspect, the stream, is offered as a paid version of Duolingo?


I think we will all be using CT to talk to one another and probably spending less and less time here, don't you think? :-)


Yeah, those are my thoughts, too.


Thanks for include me. It's so sad what you say Camilla! I have the same nostalgic feelings about you and other persons that I'll never back to contact. To think that we were so happy and so good companions, and it never will be the same! I just want to cry, but rather than that, the best thing one can do is to keep inside our hearts all that moments,all that persons, all the happiness that we shared!


I sent you a message, I hope you get an email notification? Abrazos princesa!


Wow! What an amazingly poetic tribute to what was and to say farewell. Thank you so very much for this! Many of these people are those with whom I comingled as we traveled the Duolingo learning ladders and the tremendously varied translation articles. One person I would like to add to this wonderful list of people is jugarbi who led me successfully through any number of Spanish language thorn bushes. Thank you, Camilla, for your caring and forethought in all this.


Thank you! I hope it is not farewell, we can still throw paper airplanes over the silent river and send messages across, even if it's piecemeal!


Once again, a very picturesque truth and encouragement.


Camilla, que bonita tus palabras, y me siento honrado de ser incluido.


El honor es mío! And that goes straight to the heart, en español


Wahoo Camilla quelle poésie... Bravo ! Je suis flattée de faire partie de ce groupe uni par l'amitié et l'apprentissage. Comme une louve qui protège sa meute je me bats chaque jour pour vous garder auprès de moi sur les textes à traduire. Duolingo a perdu son âme en nous privant d'immersion, car plus qu'un outil de traduction c'était un trait d'union et une interaction permanente qui nous reliait les uns/une aux autres. Je refuse de perdre mes Roméos et mes Juliettes. Ce lien est trop précieux pour nous tous. Ensemble tout est possible mes amis/ies...


Merci beaucoup Gabrielle! Au moins je sais que nous pouvons toujours travailler ensemble. Saluts des Etats-Unis


Camilla: Fue un gusto poder comunicarme contigo a pesar de las barreras idiomáticas, que para nosotras no existieron porque supimos superarlas, y gracias por considerarme en tu mensaje. Inmersión fue un estupendo viaje, en el que aprendimos mucho más allá de las rudimentarias ‘lecciones’ y nos enriquecimos intercambiando conocimientos e impresiones personales con gente valiosa que, de no ser por ese medio, nunca hubiéramos llegado a conocer. Es un terrible dolor haber perdido un instrumento semejante; aún continúo en el duelo por su desaparición, y sé que lo mismo le sucede a la mayoría de los compañeros que intervinieron; pero para mí esa experiencia no ha terminado: continúo, fuera de Duo, con algunos amigos, y estamos en plena actividad, actualmente traduciendo libros y cuentos EN-SP, FR-SP y a veces, hasta me animo a un poquito de SP-FR (en esto último, ¡¡una amiga de otro continente es la culpable!!). Cuando quieras participar, ya sabes que solo necesitas decirlo, y que continúo siguiéndote (por ti me entero de cuestiones que a mí se me pasarían por alto) y siempre estoy en contacto. Un gran abrazo. Beba.


Beba, extraño escuchar su voz, y descubrir todos los misterios deliciosos y las historias con que nos mimaraba. Vamos a continuar un día, gracias por la invitacion tán graciosa.


Tak for de meget pæne ord.


Вы отличный ученик и преподаватель, спасибо! And a good friend!


Thank you my friends, I am beyond delighted to see your comments!


Thank you Camilla for your beautiful words! Your use of language is truly poetic. And you express my sentiments precisely. I will miss so much waking up in the morning and browsing through the Activity stream to see what everyone has been up to during my sleeping hours. I will miss being able to leave a comment here or there and give little votes or comments of encouragement to those who are working hard at learning all sorts of languages. I will miss that feeling of being part of a community, whose focal interest is language. I will miss the exchange. I will miss you all!


Wendy, thank you for replying and for sending me a message! It is so good to see you here! I loved hearing about your trip to Alice Springs, and the wild rainstorms. You also really supported me in learning and relearning German.


Gracias por expresar tan bien unos sentimientos, aunque no hayamos estado nunca en contacto has expresado perfectamente lo que siento. Cada vez veo peor a Duolingo, primero Inmersión, ahora Actividad, no sé si va a merecer la pena seguir. Ya estoy con otro curso, no es lo mismo pero las decepciones cada vez son mayores. Un cordial saludo


Did people see this that was posted 3 days ago? (Duolingo: Activity Stream Announcement, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909)

What’s Next?

A faster website, to begin with. We are also investing in rewriting the Duolingo Forum. This will not only make it faster, but also enable features that surface higher quality content and discourage pesky spam. In addition, we plan to incorporate better tools to communicate with other learners. We understand that social connections are essential, and we plan to expand social features and capabilities as soon as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding as we work to provide free language education!

--Luis (CEO)


to me that sounds like Duolingo's priorities are: more users, more content, more speed, less spam. And with a promise of social features thrown in for good measure, so we won't all go away. What I really wish for: I wish Duolingo had both the willingness, the funds and the vision to build on to the communication side of language learning.


"hope for your understanding" is a nice phrase, but I do not feel much understood by the yanking away first of immersion, and then activity streams. Leaving no word of warning, and no redress so our work and network wasn't lost down the drain in the new programming... just, no. If we had been able to retrieve our work and contacts, now THAT would be a model of mutual respect that would secure my unfading loyalty and collaboration. But being dissed when I'm hurting, no, that doesn't further my understanding. And I say all this while being absolutely awed by the wonder that is Duolingo, and the vision, willpower and brainpower that it was built on. I thank you Luis, but I am hurting, and until I hurt less, my capacity for understanding is less ample.


I think we all saw it Johanna but we have been on Duolingo for so long, some of us from the very beginning, that we fear that these promises will never materialise, or that if they do, it will be so far ahead that many of our friends will have gone elsewhere and be lost to us.

Over the years, there have been many promises of improvements, features or languages which were "coming soon" but years later they still haven't arrived. Unfortunately, Duo is now in the position of the boy who cried wolf. We take the announcements as well intentioned but not neccesarily imminent.

Sadly, experience has made cynics of most of us.

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