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How are people still writing messages to me on my stream?

Hi there, I just got a notification that someone wrote on my activity stream. How is this possible?? Yesterday, I thought Duolingo removed activity streams for everyone..? Are there exceptions? Thanks, Coyote11

April 19, 2017



No, there are no exceptions. I guess people are still trying to write to each other on their streams, but their messages don't show or don't go anywhere. Also, if you have notifications turned on for posts on your activity stream you'll still get the notifications, you just won't be able to read the message.


Okay. Thanks for the clarification. It's too bad Luis turned off activity streams without letting us all know ahead of time… I would've said goodbye to many of my Duolingo friends. :(


Actually, if you have email notifications turned on, you'll get a copy of the message in your email. I'm told that only works with people you've followed and who've followed you, though.


Right! You can still write on your friends' profiles. You won't see the message once you click "post," but if they have their email notifications turned on for activity stream, they'll receive it in an email. Read about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22237945$comment_id=22238771.

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