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"Lesse la poesia ad alta voce."

Translation:He read the poem out loud.

March 15, 2014



if "in a loud voice" and "aloud" are okay, why not "loudly"?


"He read poetry in a loud voice." No dice. I don't get when to include the article or not.


Probably rejected because of the word poetry. Had read the poem means he read one poem. He read poetry implies he read several poems.

Edit: revisiting this in review mode. You are correct. 'La poesia' is poetry. My 'read poetry' was corrected and the owl said I must use 'the poetry'. As long as WE know what it means, right?


the poetry is accepted through


Yes, that's interesting and correct. I thought that with the article 'poesia' was poem, but looking into it further, that is not true.

La poesia = poetry, the art of writing in verse

Una poesia = a poem


Anybody know why "he read" instead of "he reads"


Because it's past tense


Yes, I have the same question


The correct word must be "loydly" instead of "loud" because this is an adverb!!!!


To read something "out loud" is an English expression meaning to read aloud so that others can hear the words, rather than to read silently in the mind to oneself e.g. Parents read a story out loud to their young children. It does NOT mean to read loudly (in a loud voice).


But does ad alta voce mean the same thing?

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