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Followed discussions

Hi, I wanted to ask where can I see if someone replied to the discussions that I follow? Now, I can't even find the discussions I follow listed somewhere.

February 28, 2013



Currently, there is no list of the discussions that you follow (something that we're working on making clearer). You'll receive emails notifying you of new comments if you are following the thread. Are you getting those emails?


Bruh it’s been 5 years


Please create a list of followed discussions. If there are no more comments coming, we won't be able to get back to them anymore.


You can also check in your stream, but it can be packed with lots of stuff and you could lose track of what you care most... :/


I no longer get notified about discussions on my stream unless someone I know posts a reaction.


I did get an email about this discussion, so I guess, no one has replied to my other questions yet. I just didn't know that I will get emails if someone writes an answer. Thank you for your answer :)


I'd like to see discussions I follow because they sometimes contain information that I would like to reference upon occasion. A cool option would be to allow people to save discussions with custom titles.


I have to opposite problem. Duolingo is spamming my inbox with discussions and corrections to translated articles and I have not clicked a single "follow" button. How do I get rid of this without marking Duolingo as spam?


Far from perfect, you can always use the search window, next to "new discussion" after having clicked "discussions". I managed to remember some key words and was able to find the discussion and modify my comment.

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