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Steps in the wind

Once upon a time , when the stars were upside down in my dreams. By then I was walking to school , because where he lived was quite close . And that's what I try to do , remember the days of wins , losses, mistakes and successes that happened to me at school. In a more general way it happens to every child who needs to go to school without stopping. The makeshift schoolhouse is one of the favorite games of children, where you learn to add to subtract, to be leader or follower , dance and laugh , build dreams. Get ahead without knowing it gives joy, surprisingly , expectation, scare, pride, enthusiasm. Being the best of the class, it happened to me, it gives happiness and enjoyment of ownership of the school. Love, patience and listening are the ingredients of the story of life. The more you ask , the more you have to give.

April 19, 2017
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