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A Faster Website

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Hi all!

I’m a software engineer at Duolingo, and today I wanted to give you a heads up on what we call the “web rewrite” project.

When Duolingo launched about 5 years ago, we programmed the website with the tools available then. It lasted us a while, but technologies and needs change, and we’ve recently rewritten the website with more modern technology. This new website is not only much faster, but also makes it easier to maintain and add new features to it.

Many of you are already experiencing the new website. True to Duolingo culture, we’ve been A/B testing the new site on our new learners for several months now. The metrics are positive, and for the past month or so, every new person on Duolingo has been getting the new website.

Over the next several weeks, we will be rolling out the new version to everybody. This means some of you will notice subtle changes, though we have tried to make the experience as similar as possible. The main thing you should notice is a significantly faster website.

We should mention, however, that the forum itself will still be slow for a while, but a faster version of it will come out in the next few months.

As always, please feel free to report bugs in the Troubleshooting forum and give feedback in the forums here =]

Happy learning!

April 19, 2017



Hi karint, one more question - it seems you also killed the progress quizzes. These were a valuable tool in order to track your progress, but I assume that too few people used them. Could you please share a number of how many people used those tests in the past or indicate a reason why you removed them? Thanks in advance.


I used the progress quizzes to check where I was at from time to time. If you find out something on if they are returning or not, let me know please.


I suggest we upvote hughcparker's older comment to increase the chance to have an answer on that. ;)


Progress quizzes may come back, but are «under consideration»: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002969903-Duolingo-s-New-Website

I suggest we open a new discussion, with this title, and all vote to show our support to its come back.


Could you give us any information on the thing that is going to replace the activity streams? Thank you for all your help!


Hi karint!

another question: does the new version gives (or is planned to give) to users a way to somehow let moderators know about an abuse/inappropriate behavior on forums ?


I came to the site looking for an answer to this. Please pursue it until you get an answer. I have had problems contacting moderators with serious concerns re someone's welfare due to being on and AB test that meant I didn't have access to activity. Now nobody has. This matter would be serious enough to be described as a failure to exercise duty of care by DL and so is more serious than simply whether we can talk with our friends.


As Anneduolingo says, can you pursue this one? Apart from reporting abuse, users need a way of contacting moderators.


Honestly, I don't care about policing features, they are expensive and generally just alienate the user base (as seen on other social networks).

I don't see how or why the site/app itself should care about the behavior of its users, just give people the tools to choose who can see their profile and communicate with them (people you follow, people who follow you or anyone), and to block harassers by username or IP address and then let them sort things out by themselves.

It's really easy to ignore the social aspects of the site anyway, so even in the worst case scenario where you have several trolls attacking you 24/7, you could still simply decide to disregard the social aspects of the site and focus just on learning, or talk/allow communication with your friends only.

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I've noticed a different behavior in notifications.

Sometimes it works as usual, sometimes it pops a new form with only the friends. Is this the new intended behavior?

I must say the friends information is totally useless for me (tons of new friends a day). Please consider letting us choose to receive only "comments" notifications.


Please consider letting us choose to receive only "comments" notifications.

So the account settings don't control it anymore?

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Notifications should now include forum notifications :)


Hi Karint,

Thanks for working to help make things faster for us!

Some moderators have created userguides to help people navigate Duolingo. Will those disappear when the old forum system is removed? Should we save the info off site so we can put it up once the new forums are rolled out?

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Goodness, no! All of the existing forum data will be preserved :)


Can we guarantee that the public forums will continue? With the ability for users to comment on posts?


Hi Karint,

could you share a visual difference(*) between old and new webversion so that mods can determine what webversion an user has (by asking the user to check this visual detail) and, therefore, know if we have to report to staff a bug as being "new version" bug or not?

(*) one that is easy for moderators to describe and for users to find.

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Fair request! It's meant to look identical, so I'd say the best indication is that the topbar for the old website still has "Activity" (which is now blank all the time :( ), whereas the new website does not have this tab.


Skills' page in the OLD version are organized like this: OLD

Skills' page in the NEW version are organized like: NEW

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