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A Faster Website

Hi all!

I’m a software engineer at Duolingo, and today I wanted to give you a heads up on what we call the “web rewrite” project.

When Duolingo launched about 5 years ago, we programmed the website with the tools available then. It lasted us a while, but technologies and needs change, and we’ve recently rewritten the website with more modern technology. This new website is not only much faster, but also makes it easier to maintain and add new features to it.

Many of you are already experiencing the new website. True to Duolingo culture, we’ve been A/B testing the new site on our new learners for several months now. The metrics are positive, and for the past month or so, every new person on Duolingo has been getting the new website.

Over the next several weeks, we will be rolling out the new version to everybody. This means some of you will notice subtle changes, though we have tried to make the experience as similar as possible. The main thing you should notice is a significantly faster website.

We should mention, however, that the forum itself will still be slow for a while, but a faster version of it will come out in the next few months.

As always, please feel free to report bugs in the Troubleshooting forum and give feedback in the forums here =]

Happy learning!

April 19, 2017



Hi karint, one more question - it seems you also killed the progress quizzes. These were a valuable tool in order to track your progress, but I assume that too few people used them. Could you please share a number of how many people used those tests in the past or indicate a reason why you removed them? Thanks in advance.


I used the progress quizzes to check where I was at from time to time. If you find out something on if they are returning or not, let me know please.


I receive more than one hundred notifications every day, so I will likely forget about that in the future - but I kindly invite you to follow Duolingo's official posts here in the forums. I assume, though, that the progress quizzes won't come back.


I suggest we upvote hughcparker's older comment to increase the chance to have an answer on that. ;)


Progress quizzes may come back, but are «under consideration»: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002969903-Duolingo-s-New-Website

I suggest we open a new discussion, with this title, and all vote to show our support to its come back.


Could you give us any information on the thing that is going to replace the activity streams? Thank you for all your help!


Hi karint!

another question: does the new version gives (or is planned to give) to users a way to somehow let moderators know about an abuse/inappropriate behavior on forums ?


I came to the site looking for an answer to this. Please pursue it until you get an answer. I have had problems contacting moderators with serious concerns re someone's welfare due to being on and AB test that meant I didn't have access to activity. Now nobody has. This matter would be serious enough to be described as a failure to exercise duty of care by DL and so is more serious than simply whether we can talk with our friends.


As Anneduolingo says, can you pursue this one? Apart from reporting abuse, users need a way of contacting moderators.


Thanks for supporting me. Please see:

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21335861 which is a discussion:

What to do if we have serious concerns for the welfare of a DL forum user.


Hi Usagiboy7!! The email address for abuse is not easily found at least on the new website that I have. I only know it because I was sent it. Prior to that I looked for some way of contacting abuse and i got a friend who is much more computer literate than I am to look too when neither of us could get the method outlined in the FAQ to work. I understand you do not want a flood of emails here, but it must be available other than in the depths of a discussion. Nobody needing it will find it there at the time they want it.


If you have a question about these things, it is good to get it answered! :)

I don't know how the version of the website I'm looking at looks compared to others. When I hover over my username in the blue bar at the top of the screen, a menu drops down. One of the options on it is "Help". From there, I clicked "How to report abuse". It recommends contacting a moderator or submitting a report.

Another option is to Google "How to report abuse on Duolingo" That will directly bring up that same article.

Clearly, there is room for improvement. The Help page is a relatively new addition on it's own. We're getting there, but we're not quite there yet.


Yes, it was the help button, (not the FAQ). When one follows this process: 1. is not suitable for the forums, 2. Does not work on my website version, I have tried 3. When this is selected and one does everything require and then tried to send it gives the message that I am not logged in, but I am!!! Getting to the same page via google would not help, the page doesn't work for me or my friend who tried to help me and the report abuse email is not displayed there.


My "Help" button does not offer "How to Report Abuse". It really needs to be something we can access quickly and easily without searching til kingdom come.


I've been on Duo about a year now, and have been impressed by the social side of the website, compared with some other sites. Especially because users like you are alert to inappropriate behaviour, abuse and signs of distress. With activity gone and not replaced by any alternate means of public messaging, it's not at all clear to me how you can now take action. So you've certainly got my support. Is it worth raising the issue in a separate thread?


did you read the link I gave above? I have tried extensively over the last few weeks, especially as I have always been on the new website as part of an AB test so never had the ability to contact a mod except via starting a discussion and then they post me so I can reply on the post. I have been unable to even initiate a post. this is my latest attempt: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22320976 Thanks for your support. maybe if enough people upvote it staff will take notice, but I am not optimistic.



Thank you for keeping these concerns at the forefront!

Currently, I am in a mod a/b for some new moderating tools. It allows me to contact folks. I don't know who all can contact me, but I have been getting messages from at least some non-mod community members. I hope that this is just the start and that general user forum tools will continue to/go back to providing ways for everyone contact moderators. If someone cannot contact me, there is the alternative of emailing Abuse@duolingo.com. I encourage people to use that email for emergencies (so, porn/death threats/stalking/cyber bullying/inappropriate conversations between older folks and people under 18.) To those reading this, I encourage you not report regular spam to that email address. We don't want to clog it.

The current tool I am testing out involves me sending private messages to folks. After a few bugs are cleared I believe I heard that other mods will be able to read what I have posted to folks. This brings me comfort because it adds back more accountability than just a private message system for mods. I hope to see no private messaging for anyone on Duolingo.


I did read your post, yes. I'm still on the old website - I think I can still message - but it obviously won't last. It would help if Duo gave us advance warning of changes and had new code in place to start within a reasonably short time. As it is we're all in the dark - it feels as if the site is continuously losing functionality.

I came across a 12-year-old who'd foolishly published her age on the open forum a few months ago. I was able to message a mod who took the post down straightaway and messaged her with a kind warning about internet safety. Now it seems this sort of thing will no longer be possible.


Honestly, I don't care about policing features, they are expensive and generally just alienate the user base (as seen on other social networks).

I don't see how or why the site/app itself should care about the behavior of its users, just give people the tools to choose who can see their profile and communicate with them (people you follow, people who follow you or anyone), and to block harassers by username or IP address and then let them sort things out by themselves.

It's really easy to ignore the social aspects of the site anyway, so even in the worst case scenario where you have several trolls attacking you 24/7, you could still simply decide to disregard the social aspects of the site and focus just on learning, or talk/allow communication with your friends only.


I don't agree. I've seen racist comments here in discussions (not directed at me) which have shocked me (and I'm not easily shockable). Your suggestions about tools are good, but they need to be backed up by firmly policed standards including a button for easy reporting with a quick response deleting the offensive comments if necessary. The internet is a beautiful place but there are some truly horrible people spoiling it, and I believe that the worldwide community needs to work together to clean it up.


I've noticed a different behavior in notifications.

Sometimes it works as usual, sometimes it pops a new form with only the friends. Is this the new intended behavior?

I must say the friends information is totally useless for me (tons of new friends a day). Please consider letting us choose to receive only "comments" notifications.


Notifications should now include forum notifications :)


Thx for the update!


Please consider letting us choose to receive only "comments" notifications.

So the account settings don't control it anymore?


It has never controlled notifications on the site (the bell icon). Only e-mails.

But then, e-mails don't filter "answers" from "any comment in the discussion".
Notifications do (limited to 5, including the friend notifications).


It has never controlled notifications on the site (the bell icon). Only e-mails.

Ah... as I never look at the bell notification(*), anytime I read "notification", I think "mail notification" ;)

(*) since it is useless (to me) since it has only the 5 last notifications


Hi Karint,

Thanks for working to help make things faster for us!

Some moderators have created userguides to help people navigate Duolingo. Will those disappear when the old forum system is removed? Should we save the info off site so we can put it up once the new forums are rolled out?


Goodness, no! All of the existing forum data will be preserved :)


Does this mean my 'Followed' posts are safe?

I have been using the Follow Discussion button to (sort of) bookmark posts within Duolingo.


Phew (relieved exhale). PS Those bunnies, I'm dying!


Can we guarantee that the public forums will continue? With the ability for users to comment on posts?


Hi Karint,

could you share a visual difference(*) between old and new webversion so that mods can determine what webversion an user has (by asking the user to check this visual detail) and, therefore, know if we have to report to staff a bug as being "new version" bug or not?

(*) one that is easy for moderators to describe and for users to find.


Fair request! It's meant to look identical, so I'd say the best indication is that the topbar for the old website still has "Activity" (which is now blank all the time :( ), whereas the new website does not have this tab.


Thx for the quick answer!


I joined DL 25 December 2016 and have never had 'Activity' on the topbar, so have never had certain functionality. How will I know when I have been switched over, and how will anyone know which version I am on?


Skills' page in the OLD version are organized like this: OLD

Skills' page in the NEW version are organized like: NEW


Thx michael.di5!
This criteria is even better as there is no risk of doubts (for users that are still under the old version but in the A/B test's group for which the Activity tab is disabled).


Actually, the new skill page design is an A/B test itself, so it's not an accurate way to tell if you're in the new website. For example, I have the new website but do not have the new skill page design.


Here we go:

  • Step 1: Click "Home" in the navigation bar.
  • Step 2: Click the notification bell button.

Notifications' page in the OLD version is organized like this:


Notifications' page in the NEW version is organized like:



OK, if that's so. Yes I registered 118 days ago...my streak is 118 days old and I've not missed a day. So I cannot tell if there is an improvement. The only time I did get increased functionality was for a brief few hours when DL had problems and we suddenly went to a different version which gave me speaking exercises and a few things I have now forgotten what they were. It was a few hours only. It's a pity that the mods were not let into the secret of this new site sooner as I spent hours trying to sort out my audio, with different advice from different people, and also trying to contact mods. It was also frustrating to get messages telling me people had posted on my activity stream, that people could see my activity stream, but I was/am unable to access it. Even mods, when they come onto the discussions I had in the forums gave me advice as to how to do this. Really, at least the mods should be told what is going on. It would have saved so much clutter on the forums and so many wasted hours. Eventually I was told by a mod he thought I might be on an AB test and that 'normal' (ie what others had) functionality would be resumed once the test was over but they were unable to tell me when that would be. But this isn't your problem. I know I get the service for free, and I am very grateful, but I have considered DL a bit like a 'moody' friend who has now let me down big-time with lack of proper communication...not the mods' fault in any way, but due to how the staff have not communicated. Communication is so important. I think the big problem is not being able to contact a mod if there is a really serious issue with bullying or other abuse or real concerns re the welfare of another user. The guidelines re how to contact a mod and on how to deal with this need reviewing urgently. I have been assured by other DL users that contacting 'abuse' takes a really long time to get a reply and so if urgent action is needed the only way is to contact a mod. Well, I've had my rant! I hope people do not consider it off topic.

And if anyone from the DL staff cares to comment, please do.


According to what Duo tells me, you've registered 3 months ago. It seems to me that you've always had the new version. It's mostly the new accounts that have it, and yours is fairly new.

The original post says:

we’ve been A/B testing the new site on our new learners for several months now


also I have been getting both of these on different devices/at different times.



also I have been getting both of these on different devices/at different times.

That's why need to click "Home" before clicking the bell. It's an important step. When you're in the discussions, the test won't work. As karint has explained, when in "Discussions" it switches to the old version.

Since you have seen the new notification screen, I am quite certain you are indeed on the new site.

About the different devices, if you did, in fact, go to the home screen first, and it still gives you the old notifications, perhaps the new site isn't yet supported on mobile browsers. - That's purely speculation though.


I have not noticed if I have gone to the home page first. BUT I do think that I have had the notifications coming up in the centre of the page for a long time. I suspect this is because I am/was on the AB test and this was a feature of the branch I am/was on.


Note however that the forum is in the "old" website, so you would only see this difference when now in the "Discussion" tab.

@karint: When(*) all users will have been switched to the new version, will forum still be under the "old" website or absolutely everything will be moved for everyone to the new website, hence, for example the bell notification will stop having different behaviour depending on which section of the website we're at?

(*) at the end of the "next several weeks"


Arf.... Well, we'll find one sure criteria, we'll find. ;)


So is there any way to tell for sure, that can't be affected by an A/B test? Perhaps within the developer console of the browser?

It wouldn't be a visual marker, but shouldn't be too hard to explain.


One I can offer is that notifications from the top-right bell will appear in a modal at the center of the screen instead of in a popover if you're on new web. Note however that the forum is in the "old" website, so you would only see this difference when now in the "Discussion" tab.


From experience, I'd say it's too complicated.

@karint: Maybe something linked to the Bell Notification (¿buggy?) behavior?


if I remember correctly your shot of the old version is what is on my laptop, while the one that you say is the new version is on my tablet, ever since I joined last year.


Hi Karint,

would it be possible to have staff publishing the same announcement in the other general forums (for native speakers of another language than English)? At least for the languages spoken by (at least) on of staff members:

I'm pretty sure everyone is impacted and those not impacted yet would also appreciate to informed, not only the English-speaking part of the community.

More generally, could this "posting in all forums" be done each time [the announcement of] a so-"visibly-impacting"(*) change is done?
With staff members doing it on forums they speak the language of and, (only) for the other languages, asking for example the contributors.

(*) If in need of a "measure" of that, here some ideas:

  • if a large number of forum messages about the "change" is anticipated, then it can be considered a "visibly-impacting" change
  • if after few hours the English version of the announcement went deeper than -10 votes (this is more for the once like about Immersion or Activity Stream), then it can be considered a "visibly-impacting" change


Sadly jrkhal, despite you and others asking for this basic courtesy time after time, it never happens and I seriously doubt that it ever will. Not something for Duo to be proud of in my view. :-(


Some people on the forums have reported that the Progress Quiz is missing from the re-written code. Is that right? Is the Progress Quiz being kept?


Related problem - there are also reports that timed practice no longer adds time for correct answers: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22262843

Can we assume this is an error?

Edited to add, a more comprehensive report here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22282305


Any news on this? I posted a comment here but haven't heard anything. I leave Duolingo logged in on desktop - it just disappeared one day last week when I had to re-boot... :-/

Posted a comment - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22941945$comment_id=22942607 - but no official response yet: will keep checking down this humungous thread... ;)


Now, progress quizzes are «under consideration», not refused. It may be planne if it's a most wanted feature from users. We have to show we need it !!



Hello, I now have the updated website. It looks like the option to "review lesson" is gone. It was one of my most-used features on the website by far. I like sprinting through a revision exercise and then using "Review lesson" to figure out what mistakes I made.

Requesting you to please bring it back! I'm sure many others also want this feature back.


Support! I really need and miss this feature :-(


Not happy. Playing against the clock has become MUCH harder. The clock keeps running even if the sound to be listened to has not downloaded yet. It is no longer possible to use the keyboard shortcuts to indicate answer 1,2 or three.



I am a software engineer as well. :)

Soon after this message I got moved to the new site. Over the last 3 weeks I can tell that the new site is not any faster in any appreciable way than the old one. In fact, during the revisions I have more perceptible pauses after submitting the answer before the next question is presented.

I am hoping that while the site is not any faster but at least it is more easy to maintain and fix and add features that does not exist at this time. Basically, I am hoping that it will be speeder for Duolingo software engineers to deliver features.

So far, recently the users have all seen features that was actually in used taken away. I hope the trend reverses. There are examples of language learning sites that were destroyed in popularity as a result of site changes and social aspects of language learning is ignored by the site team.


@tolunayo, I certainly agree with you. I have not had a good user-experience since the new site is employed; actually I really hate the current site because of a lot of annoying features: new tab popping out for discussion, unable to remain in the same tab as my exercise because of the new popped-out tab, unable to copy/paste after submission of my answers, unable to insert unusual letters without the need to type the word again, unable to see highlighted mistakes, unable to submit customised suggestions, unable to resubmit suggestions after having submitted already, unable to find/check/edit my old posts in case of any of my wrong answers, unable to see the encouraging revision complete feature, the revision becomes far more often than before, ad box, continuously ask me to test when I don’t really want to ... the list can go on... all those annoying changes are a waste of my time in most part particularly the pop-out tab. In fact, the old site was not slow for me at all.

@hughcparker, I read it that you are changing the site so that it is easier for engineers to develop the software, which is from the engineering point of view, not from the user point of the view. If the site is not serving the user, you are going to lose the users. Actually, I was kind of excited everyday to practise on Duolingo before the new site was employed; now I feel an annoyance everyday to have to go through all those user-unfriendly features. I did far more exercises and learned more before your new site was employed; now I’m just trying to keep my daily streak instead of actually want to practise on Duolingo. I was expecting user-friendly and positive features; however, it is completely the other way around.



You've misunderstood the point I was making. It's not that the site's speed improvement is aimed at the engineers not the users; that's not the case.

The old site was getting more users than it could cope with. Now, with the site speeded up, it can cope with more of us without failing. The aim has been to be able to provide the service to a greater number of users.


I understood your point very well before my previous comment - you have more users and you need to develop the software for growing users. Is it not the case? Is it not from the engineering point of view? Which user-friendly features you've added? I have not seen one ... Which point that I made was wrong?

karint said: "This new website is not only much faster" - not significantly faster for the user, at least not for me; instead no change or slower in some parts.

"but also makes it easier to maintain" - software developing and engineering point of view.

"and add new features to it" - no new positive features.

"The metrics are positive" - again, software engineering point of view.

"we have tried to make the experience as similar as possible" - currently poor user-experience and user-unfriendly features.

"The main thing you should notice is a significantly faster website" - again, not faster for the user.

You said: "with the site speeded up" - not faster for the user.

"it can cope with more of us without failing" - again, software engineering point of view.

At least many people are actually using Activity section. I believe you saw only negative votes for removing the Activity section; the majority opposes it and opposes Private Messaging and so on ... Anyways, I’m just voicing my experience of using the new site; I was expecting user-friendly features, and I have not seen one. Well, we shall see then. Thanks anyhow. 17/05/2017


Maybe some of this depends on whether you're using a Mac, a PC or a phone? The tabs aren't annoying for me on a Mac using Chrome - I can click out of them if I want.


Why do we need the pop-up tabs anyways when the old discussion format worked just fine by clicking it within the exercise? It was not slow to open them unless there are more than hundreds of comments in the same discussion; well some of the comments are repeated because people don't read previous answers.

Now the tab page is quite slow to display completely even there is only one comment; I have to wait for it to open fully (can't open anything if there is no comment now). I can't set it up not to switch to the tab immediately because it appears to be default setting to switch to the tab immediately. I believe many users don't actually use Chrome.

Well of course I can click out of it, but you need time to click the cross to get out of it when you actually didn't need to previously, because you could just click the cursor in any random areas outside the discussion box and move on already.

Anyways, I feel it's a waste of people's time with the tabs. There are many other features people don't like and I agree with them too. 17/05/2017


I have absolutely no idea what you meant by "losing their current lesson's progress when clicking on a link inside a discussion"

Let say an user open the discussion associated to an exercise after 10 (correct) answers then click on a link inside said discussion. The link will load in the same tab, hence quitting the lesson. So the user has to start from the beginning the lesson.v That's what I mean.

And, before you say so, yes one should always "right-clic => open in a new tab" but... many persons just don't do that, it's a fact.

not just to solve the problems for a few countable users

Like you, I don't have the numbers, but I know I regularly saw (along past years) users complaining about that. Maybe Duo, who has the statistics, made this change to answer those complaints.

Again, I'm not saying this change is good (or bad(*)), just trying to share a "possible reason" answering your original question.

(*) As i always "right-clic => open in a new tab" , I personally preferred the previous version.
But not having the statistics, like all of us, I can't say that what is best for me on that question is what is best for the majority.


I've never encountered such problem; I have not seen the discussion about such problem either. Anyhow, I believe it's the software script or bug; it should be improved without needing to open a new tab.

I'm not saying what you explained is good or bad; again, I'm only expressing that my user experience has been negative since the "new" site came up.

Right click to open a new tab will definitely waste more time to single click the discussion directly in one go within the same tab. Now I have to keep opening new tabs so many times and keep switching between the tabs; it's an annoyance.

You don't need the statistics; for example, the removing of Activity discussion with only negative votes clearly shows that the majority does not wish it to be removed; however it's removed.

I found it funny that it appears to me that DL site moderators and developers are supporting each other by upvoting and giving lingots to each other. In the end, user experience is and will be what really counts.

Anyhoo, I'm still awaiting any positive features if there is any ... 17/05/2017


Why do we need the pop-up tabs anyways when the old discussion format worked just fine by clicking it within the exercise?

One possible reason why staff decided to do that is probably because many users were losing their current lesson's progress when clicking on a link inside a discussion, hence complaining about it.

*Note: I'm not saying it's a good or bad reason, just that it's a possible reason. ;)

They could have made said links inside discussion to open in a new tab but --- for I don't know what reason --- staff has never been able or wanted to do so.
So, given that opening links in new tab wasn't (apparently) an option, one of the way to avoid users to lose their progress due to link in discussions is to open the discussion itself in a new tab, in a pop-up.


I have absolutely no idea what you meant by "losing their current lesson's progress when clicking on a link inside a discussion" because I've never encountered one ... but pop-up tab is much slower to open than a discussion openned within exercises.

After all, I agree with any positive changes and improvement, not deterioration, particularly for the majority of users, not just to solve the problems for a few countable users. 17/05/2017


I found it funny that it appears to me that DL site moderators and developers are supporting each other by upvoting and giving lingots to each other. In the end, user experience is and will be what really counts.

The upvote(s) and lingot(s) could come from anyone...
And, personally, I'm not convinced that karint still reads this discussion. If I had to bet, I'd bet they don't and I wouldn't bet on the upvote() and lingot(s) to come from them.

And you can see in the forums various forum moderators (and/or course contributors), disagreeing publicly with this or that Duo's choices (like I did here when sharing my personal opinion on this "pop-up" change).
So it's not my impression that forum moderators supports (blindingly) developpers'/Duo's choice. Take my posts here: I shared my (personal) disagreement with the change and only shared with you a possible reason for the chnage (and stated each time, it wasn't at all a judgement about if the change was good or bad, but just a try to answer your original question).

In the end, user experience is and will be what really counts.

And forum moderators are users like any other user.
They have moderation rights on (some) forums (and nowhere else) but when it comes to their experience of Duo's courses, they have the same experience as any user.


It's common sense that usually people will be supported by more familiar people; my intuition is usually not wrong in most part. I'm not finger-pointing at any specific moderator/developer; that's only my intuition and impression. That's why I said "it appears", I didn’t say "I'm sure". Just like when I disagreed with certain moderator(s) for failing to give grammatically satisfying and objective information and asserting just because s/he are natives, s/he stopped answering any single one of my questions altogether afterwards and even deleted some of my legitimate comments. I acknowledge that your work is voluntary; nevertheless, it’ll just leave an impression of immature and unprofessional as well as a bad impression on DL itself.

The aspect of moderators is actually one of the parts could be improved, however is barely addressed just because their work is voluntary. Please do not explain to me again how your work is voluntary etc etc, because we do acknowledge it and we do appreciate it, but I do not think it should become a reason to be unprofessional and bossy. And please do not explain to me again that I can report etc etc, because we do know that many reports even in certain courses are never addressed even for years. People don’t have that much time to reports continuously and pointlessly. I thought it’s common sense to be professional.

I understood moderators/developers are also users; but it's the minority in number in comparison with millions other users. Again, familiar people usually support each other, oftentimes regardless of good or bad, right or wrong, as you can find in many comments; that’s just a simple fact. Even when they disagree, their opinions are oftentimes more reserved and more diplomatic.

I commend moderators who continuously work and voice their opinions professionally and objectively. I just hope more users support positive changes, more importantly developers do take account of those feedback however it’s not the case currently. 18/05/2017


The point of making the site faster isn't to make our individual experience faster, but to mean that the servers can deal with an ever growing number of users without slowing to a crawl. The new site is more than ten times faster, which means the same hardware can support more than ten times as many users.


Since the definition of what is meant by speed improvement is not really provided I was going by the perceived speed by the user. What you are talking is really capacity of the site. Fine. Ultimately they converge. When the capacity is exceeded the site will take longer time to serve pages or at extreme cases the pages will time out, thus the perceived user experience will be bad. I don't think we were at that point.

Hopefully, Duolingo has utilized load simulators against the new and old site to back that claim under more or less identical conditions. In my experience, I have seen cases where 10x turns out to be more like 2x because artificial tests did not account for something that occurred in real life.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying it is not a useful thing to be able to serve more users . Hopefully, Duolingo will have 10 times more active users one day.

Let me tie it to the active users. Social features of this site were important to retain the users on this site, i.e. for them to come back after they finished their tree or even before the tree is finished, to provide mutual support to each other. I am not sure how well A/B tests can measure that. If a website forgets that it is the users that propels it to the forefront and remember it is the users that will draw the advertisers which Duolingo wants to attract from now on, when there is no reason for advanced users to stick around, the site will suffer as well. Hopefully, Duolingo starts taking that seriously and start bringing the long utilized features back or they can continue boasting the total number of accounts created with a lot of them abandoned or rarely used.

In the process of luring new users, don't forget your old ones which have become advanced users and often role models for other learners.


I was away from duolingo for more than 6 months and after being back to duolingo I've found it already better than before and it has many new features. So many thanks and best wishes for continuous success for all of duolingo team and also dear members



thanks for letting us know and going into more technical details.
It is nice for end users to have some transparency about background actions.
One question: Can you guarantee that all user script (from the wiki), which have been working before (even right now on the old website), are still compatible with the new rewritten website?

I am talking about ~8-10++ scripts, which TREMENDOUSLY have been enhancing the experience on the website and it's features.

Those scripts fill gaps, where the DuoLingo programmer team has done nothing so far to improve the missing functionality.

Does the new plattform / rewritten website still support those user scripts or/and getting them compatible with only a view minor tweaks?
Has your developer team already done any internal compatiblity tests with those existing / working user scripts from the wiki, or has any user script developer had the chance to test their script on test accounts on the new website / plattform?

I hope you are not double / triple killing all those massive useful features (not available without the scripts) only because of some late website code rewrites?

We both know that your team has not the resources (right now) to re-implement all the user script functionality by yourself...nor have I ever read on a forum the past 169 days that your team had any plans on implementing some of their script functionality to enhance website/forum/learning session experience one day.

Best regards



Can you guarantee that all user script (from the wiki), which have been working before (even right now on the old website), are still compatible with the new rewritten website?

I'm not Duo staff, but I'm expecting at least some of them will have to be adapted by their author (or rewritten by someone else based on the original one (or not)).
And I'm convinced the answer to "can you guarantee [...]" is "no" they can't as I don't think staff go check what this or that userscript uses/does (nor do i think that they should).
I even less think they restrict themselves from changes just because a userscript would not work anymore: and I hope they don't refrain to make changes that would improve "default" use (for all users) in order to not compromise an (unofficial) userscript (used maybe by many but not all users).
Note: And I'm saying that, as an userscript writer having often to update my scripts (mostly on incubator, but also on website) in order to adapt to Duo's changes.

For the very popular ones, if they don't work with new system, someone will quickly write and share a patch, I have no doubt.


Thanks jrikhal - you answered this better than I could have :)


Hi Thomas! I can perfectly agree with Jrikhal that the compatibility of all these scripts does not depend on the work of the developers in Duolingo. Their work is already aimed to make a better experience to those we are already enjoying day by day the improvement made in language courses and features (experiencing also the changes and trying to be supportive with them) and to all the new users who want to learn a language for the first time (and I always insist this is the real major priority in the site), and many times this development work has been well explained by Jrikhal in forum conversations. Also the issues related to the user scripts have been explained and especially how the running code in some scripts can overload the data flow in the servers of Duolingo. Sometimes the user account can collapse and cut itself the communication with servers because some scripts produce a high amount of petitions of data to them (I do not work as developer but I just try to understand the responsibility that coding has itself and I really would like these scripts were not more necessary for us.) Some useful scripts are really impressive but they are just showing the data it is already in the site and I hope the new site can still support the same characteristics.


Some useful scripts are really im pressive but they are just showing the data it is already in the site and I hope the new site can still support the same characteristics.

So why does DuoLingo not show the streak freeze on your/other user profiles and maybe even better in the blue top right corner with the orange flame (orange flame vs blue freeze flame), so you can not loose a streak (but prevent used freezes vs app sync errors)? :-)

"DuoTweak" is THAT powerful, I doubt any internal developer can include any of it's or other scripts functionality any time soon (in the next 3-6/12 months) :(

Sorry, but your above statement "only shows..." is IMHO definitely wrong:

  • LessonsFix: Stops the timer in timed practice + adds review discussion links.

  • DuoTweak: Adds posting #commentids, so you can copy paste.

  • Skill strength viewer: shows the real percentage (how can a family skill be golden and the real word strength percentage is only 2.6%???)
  • DuoLink Tree Enhancer: Can e.g add audio (reading) for the target L2 language answer, even normal/forward trees (e.g English-Portuguese) - while DuoLingo does not support reading the answers
  • DuoLingo Trim Tree: Reduces the tree with blending out golden / not useful (e.g locked) skills OR 4-5 strength skills
  • DuoLingo EasyAccent: adds hotkey for typing special characters
  • DuoLimit500: Let's you only type 500 on your first stream message as the webpage cuts (deletes) too much text and there is no error message at all: Saves my messages without just deleting text without previous prompt

As you can see above, most available scripts do MUCH MORE than "simply" showing the available data, but instead of enhances the "core" business features.

And even then "DuoTweak" does provide "display functionality" which is missing on the home screen (showing XP bar, course completion bar).

Why should the DuoLingo management/investors give the developers time/resources/money to re-implement functionality (showing skills, lessons count) like "DuoLingo Stats" does or what the scripts already provide?
Why do you guys think that the user scripts can be easily recoded by their owners in time (if even possible)?

I think the developer teams have to work on different features which get's them quite busy? e.g: The offline/cache skill/lesson feature is not completely working (I was loosing progress multiple times) for me on Bluestacks emulator and there was NO FEEDBACK from the support/devs at all after submitting the bug report (yes I know you are quite busy).
I therefore have to have some (my) doubts that those (untraced, not debugged) bugs are already fixed for "DuoLingo Pro / true offline mode"!?

It is only of the power of DuoTweak and DuoLingo Stats (show remote tree) that I was even able to help multiple new users (new alpha/beta test plattform) in multiple (lesson/skill can not continue) problem threads.

I hope I can finish this Portuguese course before I am moved to the new plattform / website (then lacking all this great script / extended business features).
Yes I know, as a developer you can not do it right for everyone, but management/marketing triggers vs user needs is always a little gap, even for other companies (e.g RC model business).

Please don't take my words personally.
I am just trying to be transparent (in "my direct German way") and trying to push you into an "open-eyes" direction, so I and others can use the website after porting over - WITHOUT missing too many (core / good) features.


Yes, I was thinking of DuoTweak and sorry if I did not express well about it. The script has many good implements and between them is to show the internal data from user page (Now I can just see some data as skill percentages, the improvements made with the time practice or using the app if I read directly on the internal code in the user page.) I have stopped to use it since I had problems of petitions or overload requests (with the result of not being able to enter the session during some hours and seeing only a blank page and the error message in the app.) But I know it was so wonderful to have all these data visible in every moment and to can customize many things. =)


I can tell you. I was switched to new site and user scripts stopped working. :( For me "Skill Strength Viewer" was a major functionality that I used to determine what skill to refresh (especially when the tree looked all golden)


There are some folks with newer accounts reporting that they can't use the microphone and don't have all the sound-based settings that are listed in the help files. Here's an example: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22247707

If the speaking feature is intended to be removed, perhaps a post about it would be useful? If it's not, then you may want to speak with reporting users.


Hi karint,
thank you for the information. Here is my translation of this announcement for the Russian forum: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22277361


Oh well done!!!! Why can't they do the same for French and Italian???


I also wonder why STAFF doesn't translate it in all languages.


I absolutely agree with you, jrikhal. Or at least they can ask us to translate all these posts - by Luis and by karint - into all our languages... I'm afraid that a lot of non-English speakers still don't have this very important info :(


They can't (or don't want to) even inform moderators about the exact time when such an event is scheduled to happen and the details that they are supposed to share with regular users before that moment (and warning users should be a must in case of such a fundamental change). Let alone providing the exact text of the announcement in advance so that it can be translated in time...


My thoughts exactly jrkhal, it shows a great deal of disrespect to their non-English speaking members.


Will Duolingo get spaced repetition with it? I think im not the only one frustrated with how the "strengthen" algorithm works and how far behind it's algorithm is compared to tools as easy as Anki.


Maybe you should A/B test the website on more experienced users?


This is actually why we're rolling it out slowly over the next few weeks instead of giving it to everyone right away. We are testing on older users, and we will be looking at metrics during the rollout to see if there are any issues. If there are, we'll be working to fix them before rolling it out further.


Thank you for clarifying. I'm glad to see progress being made!


I guess I am one of them. In the last couple of hours, I was moved to the new site.

Easy to notice:

1) Notifications: Now it is popup on the center of the home page and only shows you started following you. Missing in action: There are no notifications when someone responds to you in a forum thread. I consider this as a major missing function. How will I know which of my many posting got a reply without checking. Not good! However, if you go to the forums you still get the old notifications (I guess we are transparently switched to older software for that)

2) Profile: No flag of the languages being learned.

3) Here is the major impact for me: Duolingo Course Switcher and Skill Strength Viewer user scripts no longer work on the site. Now, my switching between forward and reverse tree has become much more inconvenient again. It is annoying but I can live with it. It is nothing compared to the information "Skill Strength Viewer" user script used to display to me. It was showing me the word strength of each skill calculated from the strength of each word in the skill. So, the lowest percent strength skill was the one to refresh. I lost major functionality that I was using in my learning. Not happy at all. Not happy! Did I say I am not happy?

Update: More issues:

4) Shortcuts do not always work. I was doing timed test and in the "El" "La" selection for the word, I always selected first option using 1 key and second option using 2 key.

5) No sound. No audio is heard. Same browser, same computer. Sound is broken in the new web site. Update: It seems that it was a temporary issue.


Then it's useless. I don't care who is following me - they'll forget me when they add another hundred. I do care if someone is actually talking to me. That would kill the boards stone dead if someone hadn't already done it.


"user scripts no longer work on the site." - It's obvious, because they changed the code, hence the user scripts also have to be rewritten accordingly, but those users can only do so after the release of the new webpage. So even though I understand your points and concerns, but it should be clear that user scripts won't function and that they have to be rewritten as well.


I think this is a better idea, for they may react to the information better. :

[deactivated user]

    Just took a look, and I'm very impressed with the new update. I've been noticing a few issues with speed on the main site, but the redesign seems to make it better. I love the new design for lessons and skills. Seeing ads included was obviously a bit of a shock, but I think you placed them well to be unobtrusive.

    Will similar redesigns becoming to the forums, or will you solely be working to make them faster?


    As far as I know, the forum will first be rewritten to have identical functionality, but be faster. After that is complete, we will likely work on redesigning or adding new features to it :)

    [deactivated user]

      Sounds great :). I'm excited to see what the couple of months have in store for Duolingo.


      Hi Karin! I really want to have a look into the new features using Chrome or IE Edge. Are there some differences of compatibility with these two browsers? I like more Chrome but I see Edge has already a built-in translator tool. Also I have seen some bugs when using some script to enhance Duolingo (for example I have tried the "Enhanced Reverse Tree" to practice Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc, and to hear the sentences in these languages.) I hope this compatibility can be available for the next site. And I have tried starting a lesson with a new account and seeing the source code I can see the same list of languages codes (with the addition of two or more):

      duo.language_names = ['Gujarati', 'Irish', 'Guarani (Jopar\xc3\xa1)', 'Galician', 'Latin', 'Tatar', 'Turkish', 'Latvian', 'Lithuanian', 'Thai', 'Telugu', 'Tamil', 'Dutch', 'Dothraki', 'German', 'Dutch (Belgium)', 'Danish', 'Malay (Brunei)', 'Greek', 'Esperanto', 'English', 'Chinese (Cantonese)', 'Basque', 'Estonian', 'English (Pirate)', 'Spanish', 'Chinese', 'Russian', 'Romanian', 'Belarusian', 'Bulgarian', 'Malay', 'Bengali', 'Japanese', 'Oriya', 'Lolcat', 'Catalan', 'Emoji', 'Zombie', 'Welsh', 'Czech', 'Portuguese', 'Tagalog', 'Punjabi (Gurmukhi)', 'Vietnamese', 'Polish', 'Armenian', 'Croatian', 'High Valyrian', 'Haitian Creole', 'Hungarian', 'Hindi', 'Hebrew', 'Uzbek', 'Malay (Malaysia)', 'Malayalam', 'Mongolian', 'Macedonian', 'Urdu', 'Kazakh', 'Ukrainian', 'Marathi', 'Burmese', 'Yiddish', 'Afrikaans', 'Korean', 'Icelandic', 'Italian', 'Swedish', 'Chinese (Traditional)', 'Assamese', 'Arabic', 'Zulu', 'Azeri', 'Indonesian', 'Norwegian (Nynorsk)', 'Norwegian', 'Norwegian (Bokm\xc3\xa5l)', 'Nepali', 'French', 'Farsi', 'Finnish', 'Faroese', 'Georgian', 'Swedish (Sweden)', 'Albanian', 'Swahili', 'Kannada', 'Khmer', 'Klingon', 'Slovak', 'Sindarin', 'Slovenian', 'Kyrgyz', 'Swedish (Finland)'];

      Is it possible that the new site can add (at least as reversed) new languages from this list in the future? And why these languages still appear in the source code? :)


      Is it possible that the new site can add (at least as reversed) new languages from this list in the future?

      AFAIK (karint, please tell me wrong if I say crap), there is no link between version of the website (and it's "upgrade") and addition of new language: if the incubator can support a language, the website will too..
      What mainly determines if a given course is added is staff's decision that it's time to add it(*), with of course the pre-requisite that the system/incubator(**) supports teaching said script but the main criteria is Duolingo decision/choice.

      (*) which includes, of course, that staff estimates they can handle a new team in the incubator and all the support they'll have to give them in addition to the other teams
      (**) by system/incubator I mean the technical background construction of the courses based on lexemes for the target languages(***). This system has been originally created for and with the latin alphabet and Duo needs to make compatible with other scripts, which apparently takes time and is uneasy for some scripts.
      (***) this explains why a language can be available as source language but not (yet) as target language


      Muchas gracias Jrikhal por brindar siempre respuestas con la mayor claridad posible. Admiro grandemente la manera de presentar la información en forma congruente y también el deseo de que esta sea posible de llegar a una mayor cantidad de usuarios. (Sorry if I still cannot express it well in English.) =)


      Does anyone know if the rewrite affects the 3,000 (or is it 30,000?) translation limit one sentence can have?


      (or is it 30,000?)

      It is 3000.

      I don't know if it could bring Duo to reconsider this limit but I can just tell you that the limit is still there, at 3000, in the incubator. So nothing has changed on that point for the moment.


      What are the new ones?


      Comparing with the moment I was practicing with custom immersion (then I was focusing in Romance languages as Galician, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian before this course was released and every language translated to Spanish or translating Spanish to other Romance language; I have also summited texts in Papiamento, Judeo-Spanish, Mirandese, Occitan, Venetian, Corsican just for curiosity), I did not see the code for Haitian Creole or Emoji, perhaps I did not notice them but I remember to make a list with all these languages codes to start a new custom immersion series with 10 documents for every language (at least as target language, for example Latin because it was not posible to summit a text in Latin.) and there were Klingon and Lolcat already, I tried to translate to Tagalog, from English, Indonesian and Maori (but Maori was taken as an Indonesian document.) Before the immersion tool disappeared and as I had seen a mod from the English-Vietnamese team made an immersion node with many documents (called "An August gift from Luis") then I was thinking to invite more Vietnamese friends to participate in this new immersion series with all the language codes (as much as possible) translating to English, French, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian and perhaps more Asian languages. Sadly, it could not be and I remember some people from the Romance series also wanted to translate Classical Greek, or Koiné but I could only try with a text in Pontic Greek from Wikipedia. The next thing could be to make translations between Greek, Hebrew, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Albanian, Armenian, Mongolian and Nordic or Slavic languages. Well, I know I was just dreaming with that. ;)


      Ouch! A new 'feature' of the new website. You can't insert letters into the middle of a sentence. You must delete delete letters back from the right then re-type.


      I have never had the old website. I found a way round this problem. Cut your sentence to the right of where you want to put the letter. Insert your letter and then paste back what you cut. Not as good as being able to insert the letter but better than having to rewrite all you have just deleted. I also try to second guess DL and don't do the correction. Sometimes it simply accepts my mistake with a comment like 'you have a typo' or 'pay attention to the accents', but at other times it marks it wrong but I don't worry about that as I did actually get it right and simply have to redo the sentence at the end.


      Thanks for the tip..:)


      Hi. Just a comment - I miss seeing a message reporting my progress, at the end of each lesson.

      What I mean is that, it used to be that if I finished a strengthening session say, I might get a message at the end that said something like 'You've improved dative prepositions!'. I thought that was very helpful and encouraging. It confirmed which skill was improved.

      Now when I finish a lesson, there's no such message (at least not in German for English speakers), so I can't tell what skill progress I've made. This is sad.

      Thank you!


      same for me (swedish for english speakers)


      Hey - I'm getting the confirmation messages again! Great!


      Have you Incorporated any of the scripts that seem popular like the course switcher?


      That and Skill Strength Viewer please!


      It would be nice if you look at why I can do the word Bavaria ten times in a day and it still comes up on the word list as weak not been done in ten months. It's not just Bavaria and it's not just German or just vmy account


      Once I got a very very heavy coat, and it was very tiring to wear it. So, the day after, I decided to go naked to my school, and I was saying to myself: Oh! How light I am! Before I felt sooo heavy!

      That's a nice story, isn't it?


      It is a nice story if it's in the vein of "The Emperor Has no Clothes," or more specifically means to point out that being lighter isn't better when missing so much of that for which you had a use.


      Exactly! The Emperor! You got it.


      I'm guessing this is referring to the "activity" as the "heavy coat" and "DuoLingo" as "I"


      I have never experienced slow website problems, and am sad to see the Activity pages gone. I would love to be able to at least revisit old discussions. I assume that both my wife and I are using the new website (with the cracking egg in the exercise progress line) and am also sad to see the speaking exercises have disappeared. I use a Macbook Pro with Firefox and an Android, my wife uses a Windows laptop using Firefox as well as an iPad using the App. (Of course they are not disabled in settings) I like the fact that the 'discussion' now opens a new tab on Firefox rather than open a pop-up. Perhaps that was an initiative done in the interests of speed?


      I've never had slow website problems, either. But, I have had slow website problems with sites that I go on that just started taking ads recently. The sites are slowed down because all the ads are loading. Is it possible that the activity stream was taken out to free up whatever resources are needed to run the ads? Aussie, if you don't know the answer to my question, perhaps Karint or someone else knowledgeable about computers can.


      Hi Karint,

      This is great the improvement under way at Duo, and the addition of Tiny Cards is great as well. I am even impressed that Duo decided to scrap the activity timeline given its old coding and being a major data & processing resource suck, and it will get a complete new re-coding coming soon!

      But as a software engineer, might you take a look at this request regarding activating gender symbols in the German Course as well as for Tiny Cards?

      This would be an amazing improvement to an already great program pair - that, as it currently stands, almost makes Tiny Cards for German a waste of time, given the inherent ambiguity of the word lists without a gender identification.

      If this is a much larger an issue, than "a few keystrokes" in the coding or word databases, I would love to hear that from the software engineers if possible. It's a bit unbelievable, there are countless threads on German noun genders, yet most are filled with "use this other [non-Duo] resource" or "try this one", but no one suggests this "improvement" to Duo itself!


      "Duolingo PLEASE Add Gender Notations to German Noun Flashcards & Word Lists!"



      Please, bring back the progress quiz!


      Thank you for your update. I don't suppose it makes any difference to your programme of work, but I think I am not alone in finding the loss of Immersion even sadder than that of Activity.


      I miss working together with you...


      I see that you are both members of Jo's ProBoards group CT. You'll find that you can collaborate there.


      I wish Duolingo would keep the activity streams the same. I really like them how they are as well.


      Most of the changes are great. I would like to point out some of them:

      • The site is much faster now. Much faster then me, much faster than what I am used to. That is awesome.
      • We have now better explanations about our mistakes, since they are down the answer.
      • The sentence discussion opens in a pop-up window. This is a long-awaited solution to those who wanted to see discussions without giving up timed practice. For this porpose, it can replace the frequently-asked-for pause.

      It is not perfect, however. First and foremost, I do not have anymore the option of writing down the suggestion. Sometimes I used to search dictionaries and grammars to explain what I was saying. I think this will thwart i little bit the polish of the courses.

      Other than that, mispellings are not so clear anymore - our mistakes used to be underscored, but this seems to be an easy fix. I also miss the flags in my profile page...

      All in all, it was a great improvement, and I hope it can allow even more future improvements.

      P.S.: I used to follow Jiten Gore's Weekly Incubator Update by his stream. Does anyone have an idea how to do it nimbly now?


      Thx for the teaser (for those like me not having the new version yet)! ;)

      The sentence discussion opens in a pop-up window.

      Is it a disabled option?
      If not, this would be for me a negative point (which will I'll live with, for sure).

      P.S.: I used to follow Jiten Gore's Weekly Incubator Update by his stream. Does anyone have an idea how to do it nimbly now?

      Good question...
      I fear the only way (for the moment) will be to have another sticky comment which purpose would only be to share the link to the last WIU (and, once here, the list of previous ones)... :(


      jrikhal, I noticed the sentence discussion didn't open, until I figured out it was being blocked. So I think this is default and still haven't found (or even looked for) how to disable it.

      About WIU, this is something that would be up to Jiten Gore be willing to update another post every week along with his own posts. Indeed, I would find it great to have this kind of closed sticky post.


      Remark: Not saying that the following is plenty satisfying but it'll at least let you find the last WIU.

      If you search for

      own \&\& progress \&\& 2017 \&\& "to April 16th"

      (respecting the logical connectors and the quote marks) in the forum search engine, you'll find the last WIU (it's currently the only return to that exact query).
      For the next ones just replace the characters April 16th (and, in 8 months, also 2017) by the ones corresponding to the last WIU.


      Great, thank you! Now I have just to search with adapted key words.


      Idea: Try making the user a friend and have your email notifications on in your settings.


      Well, he is already my friend. I can try this, as long as I reduce the number of friends I have. Thank you!


      Does anyone have an idea how to do it nimbly now?

      Latest update:

      In my latest test today (20 April 2017) where I used the new web site (=if you see that the 'Activity' link has gone in the top in the menu as an indication) the option to 'Post' to another user was removed all together (even if making the other user a friend or following him or her). If all that is generally true then this possibility to Post (=sending notifications to another user) has been removed completely thus.


      If all that is generally true then this possibility to Post (=sending notifications to another user) has been removed completely thus.

      It still works on the old website (I have the Activity tab) as of 9:30 BST, 21 April 2017. It also doesn't seem to matter for me whether or not I've followed the other person.


      21 April 2017:

      Old site: (still) works (as expected). Your notification 'Quick Test' has been received here.

      New site: will (as expected) not work anymore (as no 'Post' can be found). One can recognize the new site by checking if one sees the 'Activity' tab in the Duolingo web page menu on the top. If not then it is the new site.)


      Other things I miss:

      • there is no more sound when you go to the next level, with the new level badge;
      • you cannot click anymore on you trophy to show the completition card


      I have noticed some of the animations missing. What I am trying to figure out, is why we are no longer awarded with 10 seconds more on the retraining when we get one correct? Also, previously, we could try the timed practice, and if we didn't completely solve it, we could still increase the strength to 5/5. Now, if the practice is not completed, you will not have the strength to 5/5. Almost feels like the ones that can not type near as fast as others may be being punished a little bit here.......maybe it is just to me though.


      I noticed this too. timed practice doesn't strengthen skills anymore if the timer runs out. And it seems a bit harder too.


      It is. I welcome the challenge, but still think we should be awarded for the progress we still accomplished. I am still dedicated though


      So it seems that the (Italian) Progress Quiz is gone. Will it be back or will there be another test instead?


      I suggest we upvote hughcparker's older comment to increase the chance to have an answer on that. ;)


      Until today in a translation question a could click on one word I wasn't sure of and duolingo would tell me what it is. Today it doesn't, even when it is new word that is being introduced. Will that feature come back?


      These constant reinventions of the wheel are perplexing to me. Stuff people loved and that worked for years—immersion, activity stream—are taken away and said to be unsustainable, yet the site will be entirely rewritten to make room for supposedly must-have new features that people aren't even requesting. So much energy is being expended on change for the sake of change. Meanwhile, the core issues like updating translation exercise answers as a result of user feedback and corrections go unanswered for months.


      I miss putting the cursor on the verb and clicking expand to see all its conjugations.

      Also the keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore (I'm using firefox). I have to click with the mouse first in order to work.


      I've noticed the website is significantly slower. Either that or I'm getting faster which isn't likely...


      Me too in the last day or so. We are also getting way more clutter/children's chit-chat on the site. Maybe this is slowing it down?

      [deactivated user]

        It might be faster, but it broke timed practice (it doesn't strengthen skills anymore)


        You have to complete timed practice before the clock runs out for it to strengthen skills.


        for me it seems like it does strengthen, but doesn't announce it anymore.


        Lately I have noticed timed tests are running much faster. This morning I did a "strengthen" exercise and although i got every answer right, didn't hesitate once and typed at my normal speed I ran out of time after 9 answers. This is supposed to be a test of my language learning not lightning fast typing skills. Is this turning into "DuoTypo"?

        [deactivated user]

          I've noticed this, too. It looks like we are not getting as much time after each correct answer. I'm getting only 7 seconds for a correct answer, and I thought it used to be 10.


          We're going to have to get our answers into the computer somehow. Typing seems like the obvious solution - I'm not sure what the alternative would be.


          I've noticed the faster speed, and it weirds me out. I feel like I'm being rushed through my lesson. I'd rather still have the flashcards, activity stream, and ability to communicate with people. :(


          Will you bring the flashcards exercise, that was under the category words, back one day? I'm familiar with Tinycards, though it's much easier here on Duo. BTW, thanks for all your hard work


          I personally do not think flashcards will be back. I think that code is developed into what is known as Tiny Cards from Duolingo which is a separate app.


          Oh :( but tiny cards are exhausting with the graphic that follows each word, when you want to work a long time... it's not your fault though - thanks for the answer, tolunayo.


          Will the new website still require Flash?


          When I go to strengthen a subject it doesn't work.


          My biggest problem with the new version is that Duolingo doesn't notice practicing words any more. More details here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22513769 And referring to the topic: no, new version is significantly slower.


          Can we have the flashcards back? Tinycards is not as useful (or just not useful. At all. And the design for it is like a children's website.)


          Where is "This month" on the Leaderboard?! We were absolutely dependent on it! Half of the fun is gone without the "This month" competition with my friends. A new version which removes a good old stuff is crap!


          Why in the speaking exercises Enter does not turn on the microphone any more?! I have to use the mouse, which I did not have to do before! A new version which removes a good old stuff is crap.


          Hi Karint,

          I would like the quiz feature back. This is of ultra importance for monitoring progress. Can you at least tell us what the intention is for the quiz functionality? There are at least 5 other comments in this thread asking the same thing with many more upvotes against those comments.

          Many thanks.


          What happened to the progress tests? It's the only thing I am interested in buying with lingots. Also, will flash cards be back? Tiny cards do not have all the languages available to practice vocabulary.


          According to the help page about the new version of the code, the progress tests are likely to be back eventually, but the flashcards won't.


          Thanks, I missed the help page item.


          Hi Karint,

          I'm glad to see continued effort to improve DuoLingo. I am a software engineer also. I have tried to make comments and suggestions since I have been a part of DuoLingo but I never know if anyone is receiving or seeing them...:) Sometimes I would use the "Report a problem" link on the page where the suggestion or issue came to mind. I see you don't have that any more. It seems that when I put a suggestion or comment in the forums I often got a number of argumentative people that just like to find unfounded fault with the idea or suggestion... :) I have been learning 8 spoken languages and helping/teaching English to people around the world. So I hope my suggestions have some value. :)

          Something came up recently that I thought would be a very good addition to DuoLingo and it is an extremely easy programming modification. Every good language site that I have seen, has navigation buttons on each page allowing the user to go back to previous pages and then forward to where they were. This is so important because repetition of correct language and validation are so important to learning a language. It's not good to move past an unanswered question or point of confusion. This will affect the integrity and confidence level of what you are learning. Often when I am going through the courses, especially in the "Strengthening" mode, I have an after thought about the page I just left. I want to check the spelling, pronunciation, meaning or some element of what was on that previous page. But there is no way to go back to the page to check it out. We want the question answered while it is fresh and not have to wait until the end and try to use the review. We might forget the question by that time also....:)

          One person in the forum thought this was a bad idea because they thought it would make it easy for people to cheat. But one cannot cheat by going back to what they already saw or to go forward again to where you were. Plus if someone wants to cheat it's much faster and easier to use Google. There is no competition for a grade or anything else here, so cheating is irrelevant and only the person "cheating" is losing out.

          Please consider putting navigation buttons on the pages. I know that every one will thank you for it ! :)


          I agree that a back button would be extremely helpful. After I have moved on to another page, I often realize that there is something that I would like to see again on a previous page, or that I would like to see the discussion for that previous page, or that I should have reported something. Alternatively it would help If the lesson review at the end of a lesson had the ability to let you click to see individual question pages again.


          Could you please give some examples of new things you are adding, or old things you are taking away? Thanks!


          Hi! This was a rewrite, so the feature set is meant to stay the same. You may notice a few differences, like an animation missing here and there. We're working on filling in any holes we notice.

          I should mention that the decision to sunset the activity stream was not due to the rewrite. Rather, because we knew activity stream wouldn't be sustainable in the long term, it was not included in the new website. We had planned to phase out the stream slowly in alongside the rollout of the new website. Unfortunately because of the infrastructure issues yesterday, this had to happen much earlier than we wanted. You can read about the Activity Stream decision here.

          The good news is, with this new version, it is much easier for engineers to add new features, including the communication tools everyone is looking forward to. I hope everyone can hold out a little longer while we go through this transition period :)


          Why don't you just put activity back, but only allow for messaging? We don't need all that other stuff, although it is useful. But messaging was a major feature.


          Good point :)

          But following what they've said, they're probably coming up with something....

          (The other stuff is very good for moderating, though).


          I'm guessing the new system will have a focus on optimization. I just hope it isn't paid.


          Well.... if you have a system and you want to include/improve its functions, then you've definitely got to optimize, otherwise it turns into a monster that even its creators can't deal with it anymore (developer's word).

          Buy the way, they're announcing the Duolingo Plus: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22202238

          So far, they insist that they will never make Duolingo a paid system, but they will offer ad free versions to buyers. They also promise not to spoil Duolingo with misplaced ads.


          I guess that's something a lot of us worry about. Even though we can pay to remove the ads, we're all here to learn new languages and to have an ad-free environment, (at least I am), and what I know from hearing my friends and family tell me is that if there do become ads then we will probably spend less time on Duolingo. This will be the case because of the cookies and the use of the ad revenue. I understand that Duolingo and its creators need to make some money in different ways, but I believe it shouldn't come by allowing ads onto your website and having users pay to remove them. Just my opinion, please don't hate me.


          That's true. Even though it's a social system, it still takes away from the learning aspect. Sure it might have something that you are looking for that would be beneficial to you and your family, but the thing that most parents are worried about are the ads that their kids will see when they pop-up. Sure the parents should be RESPONSIBLE about where they go, but they should also know that it's a possibility that there will be some that they never even knew would pop-up. That's the biggest issue. ALSO... I also use duolingo at school when I'm done with work for the current class, and when ads pop-up it isn't always the best and they aren't the worst, but I mean that's just me. Please let me know how you feel! :)


          I started a discussion


          having I received an inappropriate and sexual pop-up ad. I have reported to abuse@ and do hope something gets done.


          The thing that concerns me is that technically it's not "learning" but a social feature.


          We need skills in our streams as well as messaging. Seeing what other people are learning can be a great motivation to learn more yourself. Both of these things were an integral part of duolingo.


          I agree, but I'd rather have only messaging than nothing.


          Why don't you put activity back, but only allow for messaging?

          That might be good, but one of the things I really miss is commenting on my friends achievements.


          Is there any chance we'll have a list of links to our own recent posts, similar to on the now-defunct activity stream\, in case we want to revisit/revise/correct them?


          This was my main use of Activity Stream. Posting on the app and editing on tbe web page, accessible through Activiy Stream.


          A course-contributor moderator who does a lot of work in the discussions has mentioned to me that he now finds his work awkward as well.


          One bit of good news. The ability to reply directly to comments (rather than simply adding a comment at the end) seems to have returned to the Android app after a year or so's absence. No more strange numbers appearing when you click on Reply.


          I just wonder how the statements:

          because we knew activity stream wouldn't be sustainable in the long term, it was not included in the new website. - karint April 19, 2017


          Speaking of an overhaul, the website is undergoing a full rewrite from the ground up, which will make it, literally, ten times faster. However, other than speed, you shouldn't notice any difference. (emphasis mine) - Luis von Ahn, Reddit AMA January 23, 2017

          can be reconciled.


          Interesting... So the decision to remove the activity stream was made a while ago and instead of letting us know in advance it was just dumped on us?


          Well yes although I think a lot of people saw it coming I posted in discussion that the only reason for duo to run an AB test on no activity was if they were considering removing it. Luis said they moved it up a week because the system was in danger of collapse


          Maurice, or anyone else who knows, how does Duolingo let students know changes are going to be made? Do they e-mail people and do we some how have to request to be put on an e-mail list for notification or do we have to check "follow discussion" on a particular forum that I don't know about? A few weeks ago, I sent in a troubleshooting report because I was "having problems" with my activity stream, not knowing that Duolingo had done away with it.


          how does Duolingo let students know changes are going to be made?

          When they do communicate about a change, they do it by publishing a discussion (generally stickied for few days/weeks) on forums, like this current discussion

          Do they e-mail people and do we some how have to request to be put on an e-mail list for notification


          do we have to check "follow discussion" on a particular forum that I don't know about?

          => The "DUOLINGO" (in English) forum.
          But the support pages may have some info too (as they do about Immersion for example).

          When you're experiencing a problem/bug/glitch on Duolingo or more generally have a question about how Duolingo works (or should work):

          1. start by looking if there is a solution described in the Support Pages.
            If there are no solutions there,
          2. Use the forum search-engine to search for older discussions about the same subject. Don’t hesitate to make various searches with different keywords and make searches combining several keywords/expressions using standard logical operators (&&, ||) and/or quote marks.
            If you don’t find anything,
          3. read in the Troubleshooting forum the last days new messages — scroll down (and read) a few pages of the tab “New” of said forum — to see if anyone has already started a discussion about the same issue. If nothing in the “New” tab, try the "Popular" tab of the same forum.
            If nothing there,
          4. check the few sticky messages of the "General" forum (for English speakers) to see if there is an announcement related to your issue.
            If still nothing,
          5. post your question in the Troubleshooting forum.


          Is that the reason when I click the "Discuss sentence" button in an exercise, a new tab or window will jump out instead of the old format, where I can view the discussion in the same window of the exercise? I hope it's not one of the new features as it is rather annoying to have new tabs/windows popping out so many times while learning. Thanks.

          Also removing of Activity Stream is rather inconvenient too; I saw there are only negative votes for this decision yet you went ahead for this measure.

          Thanks a lot for considering improving the infrastructure; however I've not seen any user-friendly improvement on my end. 03/05/2017


          Thanks karint for providing the link to the explanation of the Activity Stream decision. I hoped using your link might mean that post and its comments would become readable, instead of sticking at the top and not enabling scrolling down to show comments. The only other time I've experienced this is when the deletion of Immersion was being "explained" - but that post was also unable to scroll down beyond the first few paragraphs and therefore blocked from being read. I have tried both discussions several times, in case I had just picked a time when too many other people were accessing it, but I am left with a distinctly suspicious feeling about this coincidence ...! Any clarification would be welcome.


          I've found that the more comments a post has the slower it tends to be, and it eventually reaches a point where it's so slow it doesn't move. Looking at the number of comments those two posts have, I suspect that's what the problem is. I can still navigate the Activity post, albeit slowly, but the Immersion one is just too slow.


          Thanks Trofaste. Yes, I thought that might be the cause, so left it a good long time to load, but to no effect, so I checked against a (less controversial) discussion which had a lot more comments, and had absolutely no problem with that - hence my suspicious feeling!


          More comments than the Immersion post? I didn't know there was such a post!

          That is odd... It still works fine for me, or as well as it can when it's that slow, using Chrome on Windows 7.


          Many thanks for your second advice-post Trofaste - I've now tried accessing the discussions using Chrome as you suggested and find it is much better.


          Great! Glad to hear it. :)


          instead of sticking at the top and not enabling scrolling down to show comments.

          It works well here.
          What OS ? What browser ?
          Has your account already been switched to the new webversion?
          Did you try when logged under another interface (for example for French speakers, or Spanish speakers, ...) ? It'd be the first time I see that having an influence on capacity to "scroll" but it happens (=bug) that some coments doesn't appear under this or that interface (or even that the Home page is blank under one interface), so better to check that too.


          Thanks jrikhal for the suggestions - however I don't think I've been switched to the new version, as I still have the heading Activity on the blue line - though the content has gone of course. I was logged in under my main interface, not my French-to-English one, and I was using my normal browser on a laptop with Microsoft OS. As well as Activity being emptied of content, so is the similar content under my profile and those of my friends - I assume this is common to everyone? - how sad!


          I was logged in under my main interface, not my French-to-English one, and I was using my normal browser on a laptop with Microsoft OS.

          I have doubt: does the use of past imply it's working back now?

          If not, could you try to access the same link from another interface?

          Also, is it totally stuck or, as Trofaste suggest, it could be "just" very slow to answer the scroll down?


          Thanks jrikhal for your second reply (which doesn't have a reply option, so I'm replying to your first one again). No, I haven't had any success in later attempts, always the same problem. Just now, I tried to follow your suggestion and check again, but couldn't even find the discussion - a search on "immersion" brought up plenty of discussions, but not the one from Luis explaining why it was done. Perhaps I'd better just accept that I'm not going to get anywhere on this. Thanks for your suggestions!


          Uh... this might explain the problems I've been having? Screens so fast they disappear? The red blob not recording my streaks? Being unable to access one or other of my three languages so that I can't actually practise them every day? (Mostly Irish, but sometimes Russian) I've been spending more time in the troubleshooting forum than I have learning my languages ... BTW re the health thingy: when I began French, I'd already studied it quite a bit, so I 'binged' to work through the early bits of the course. (I didn't want to test out, I wanted to revise). I think if I'd had a meter telling me to go weed the garden instead I would have abandoned DL that day.



          I hope the Incubator will get more of Duo's energy after this??? (Plz plz plz plz)


          Hi Dan! I totally still lurk in the Incubator chats every now and then. I truly miss all of you. I also hope Incubator will be getting some love soon :)


          This is very good news. It would be awesome to see you more around in the incubator chat room in the future again. Thank you so much for all your hard work, karint! =)


          @ChocoletLabLover It's a chat room for course contributors/course moderators and staff members in order to communicate with each other.


          what is an incubator chat room?


          So, my question is when will the "rewrite" be done completly? When will all of the users get it? And if you don't know for sure, thats alright just exstimate then. Get back to me soon, bye! Truly Myah.


          when will the "rewrite" be done completly?

          According to (my reading of) karint's main post

          we’ve recently rewritten the website

          it's already done.

          When will all of the users get it?

          Still according to karint's main post

          Over the next several weeks, we will be rolling out the new version to everybody.

          it'll be "over the next several weeks".


          (I’m replying here because the comment that I’m actually replying to doesn’t have a Reply link. I wonder if the forum rewrite will solve this problem of limited direct replies …)

          I've learned at my work that (at least here), fast and precise communication simply cannot occur from a distance...

          My work experience (in software development) has been that fast and precise communication can easily occur at a distance.


          My work experience (in software development) has been that fast and precise communication can only occur at a distance after significant face-time spent on the other 50% of work (politics, whiteboarding, informal chats, etc.).


          If 50% of my work time had been spent on politics, whiteboarding, informal chats, etc., then perhaps our experiences would have been similar.


          In fact, we're on the hunt for an engineer to help with this (and other community-driven tools). The faster we hire, the faster this happens! Know anyone? https://jobs.lever.co/duolingo/674b9b3b-1b22-4d7e-90d8-f475e5f63e54


          You might be able to find someone faster by not requiring the engineer to relocate to Pittsburgh.


          @Mohe890 Because Duolingo's HQ is located in Pittsburgh. Working together in the same large office has several advantages, problems can often be solved much faster and building a real team is essential for the Duolingo staff.


          It's not the same thing if the boss yells at you through TeamSpeak.


          I've learned at my work that (at least here), fast and precise communication simply cannot occur from a distance....


          Pittsburgh is actually a very nice city, from reports I hear. .


          Pittsburgh is great! Go Pens!


          Doesn't the Duolingo Internship program have any possible engineers that you could hire?


          So, out of curiosity, what stack are you using to build and run Duolingo?


          will y'all be adding Private messaging? Or like the activity bar?


          Thanks! That was helpful!


          Hello. I would appreciate a new discussion system. It is a mess, and the ui is very bad. I have seen other discussion panels and they are all alot better. Please work on the sometime.


          yes please. I'd rather have activity streams than a fast website


          I never had issues with the speed of the website.


          me either. except in really big forums


          Well, Duolingo has more than one hundred million users, many of them don't live in developed countries and thus they (we) usually have 1 Mb of internet, or they have to share with many people, or they only have the internet that their phones provide.


          You will once someone puts adverts on it.


          I use adblocker, but I'd allow Duo. Of course, that would be a different story if it slowed my computer significantly.


          Same here!! I miss my stream because I'm part of an A/B test. The speed of the website never bothers me... I just want a stream.


          well, they just took it away from everybody today :( not just you


          Okay, that is neither a good thing nor a bad thing... :( sorry...


          The news was late for at least a month.


          No complaints, no worries. I am just grateful that this wonderful online resource is still free.

          Thanks Duolingo Team!


          Thx for sharing, hughcparker!


          Thank you, hughcparker. Not only for sharing the link, but for being so helpful in the past few months.


          Very interesting - I would never have guessed Scala.


          quite often I see people like you pointing out useful articles on DL that I have not seen nor even imagined existed. Thank you. Is there an index of articles for us to look at? Where is it. I have not found the DL search facility in the help or discussion pages very useful.


          Use google to search on duolingo:

          site:duolingo com [insert your search query here]

          And the unofficial duolingo wiki has some interesting stuff:



          There's the unofficial wiki like Portofan said. There's the Help Center and the Making Duolingo Blog.


          Thanks for finding this and sharing the link, hughcparker. That's a very interesting read.


          I actually enjoy the new changes! True, I will miss being able to chat and see what other users have done, but I like having my profile page condensed.


          yes thank you for creating this website for me to learn more of spanish.


          Change isn't always good....but in this case I look forward to seeing how cool it will be. :) Thanks for all the good work.


          There seems to no longer be a way to turn off practice reminders or change the time at which they come, is this related?

          Edit: I suspect it isn't related as I seem to still be on the old version (I still have the Activity tab and the old notification box).


          software engineer? then can you fix the fact that when i look at anybody's profile, it shows nothing but their name, bio, and location, i can't even sent them a message! FIX IT, FELIX!


          Hi YOMAMA2237,

          In case your post is not ironic:

          Have a look to this official announcement.

          Note: When you're experiencing a problem/bug/glitch on Duolingo or more generally have a question about how Duolingo works (or should work), please do the following before creating a new discussion:

          1. start by looking if there is a solution described in the Support Pages.
            If there are no solutions there,
          2. Use the forum search-engine to search for older discussions about the same subject. Don’t hesitate to make various searches with different keywords and make searches combining several keywords/expressions using standard logical operators (&&, ||) and/or quote marks.
            If you don’t find anything,
          3. read in the Troubleshooting forum the last days new messages — scroll down (and read) a few pages of the tab “New” of said forum — to see if anyone has already started a discussion about the same issue. If nothing in the “New” tab, try the "Popular" tab of the same forum.
            If nothing there,
          4. check the few sticky messages of the "General" forum (for English speakers) to see if there is an announcement related to your issue.
            If still nothing,
          5. post your question in the Troubleshooting forum.


          It looks like in the new web site that the 'Post' on anybody else stream has been removed altogether...


          It was removed as an emergency measure, as Duolingo wouldn't even work for several hours. Hopefully it will come back soon.


          For me it already seems to be definitely faster....


          How is about Android version ? it is so slowly, crash.


          Where is the "tips session" in this new website? It used to be under the lessons.


          I have no sound!


          Hi karint,

          another bug that may be linked to the rewrite: detailed description here.

          \/!\ Note: Be sure to NOT be under the English nor the German interface, before clicking on the link otherwise you very likely wouldn't see the comment describing it. It's exactly the bug. ;) \/!\


          Quick question:

          I never activated coach back when it was implemented, given that sort of thing has always been counterproductive to my own learning style. Will it still be off for me when the new site is rolled out to everyone, or will I have to actually interact with it (even if it's just to set it to 1XP)?

          Will it finally be optional?


          In the Fantasy section of German, the following exercise freezes. There is no response, regardless of the option chosen. I couldn't report the problem within the lesson because the program doesn't advance to the drop-down for problem reporting. One has to exit and lose the practice session to continue to other sections. ....................... Mark all correct translations The aliens cannot only travel through time, but also through dimensions.

          <pre>1. Die Außerirdischen können nicht nur durch die Zeit, sondern auch durch Dimensionen Bahnen. 2. Die Außerirdischen können nicht nur durch die Zeit, entweder auch durch Dimensionen reisen. </pre>



          Hello Karint, I have just noticed that the verb conjugation drop down tab is no longer available. Is this related to the removal of Activity?


          Is your account under the new version of the website?
          See this comment to know about that.

          If the answer is no, then the missing of conjugation table is (almost surely) not related.
          If the answer is yes, then the missing of conjugation table could be related.


          I am still on the old version. Do you think this is another feature that has been removed, perhaps temporarily?


          I'd like to have an answer to give you and I'd even more like to know (and share) that it's not being removed!
          Unfortunately, I'm in the dark like everyone about that.

          P.S.: Is it "I'm in the dark like everyone about that." or "I'm in the dark as everyone about that."?


          Well, I would say "Unfortunately, I'm in the dark about that, like everybody else. Thanks for your reply. Let's keep our fingers crossed. It was a handy feature to facilitate a quick review of the irregular verbs.


          If you're still into French, www.bescherelle.com is the best site for French verb conjugations. Here's a link (provided with an example of the verb aniser): click me, I'm a fantastic resource for learning French verb conjugations. I'm serious! Just open it and click on aniser. So whether the tab feature will be there or not, bescherelle is a wonderful resource.


          @ShellMarg: Thx!

          It was a handy feature

          FYI: Handy but not without errors: it's automatically filled (contributors can't correct them) hence with some (horrible) errors.

          @MultiLinguAlex: aniser => original and funny choice. ;)

          And I confirm Bescherelle as the reference: French kids (and not only kids) learn French conjugation with it[s book version]. ;)


          Thank you jrikhal and MultiLinguAlex. I have my old school Bescherelle on hand at all times :) but the web version will be very helpful.


          @jrkhal, as well as ShellMarg's construction you can also say "I'm in the dark like everyone else about that" or "I'm as in the dark as everyone else about that". Note that in all these constructions you need "everyone else" not just "everyone". :-)


          I'm having trouble with completing the lessons. I get through a lesson but it's not showing it as "completed" so I have to keep retaking it. is this just a bug that will clear itself once the streams roll out? I'm not sure when to check back to see if it's fixed?


          I experienced the same thing 3 times on one lesson today, KateEckroth - then I tried re-doing a previous lesson, which showed as "completed", and this seems to have unstuck it, because now my lessons show as completed normally. Maybe if you try this now, hopefully it will work for you too.


          A forum more like a Xenforo, vBullletin, or phpBB forum would be nice. Auto-following of threads you have commented in would be nice, and or auto-following of replies to your posts or replies to your replies. I often forget.


          Does it mean broken user sripts? I shouldn't even ask... it for sure means broken user scripts.


          Of course it will result in broken user scripts. The new website has been recoded in a different coding language and that's why the scripts have to be recoded as well.


          I know, without a proper API all user scripts are hacks, and prone to break. Is there any way to get the new site without creating a new account? I have a few complex user scritps that I would like to test and make compatible with the new website.


          Is there any way to get the new site without creating a new account?

          No. Your old account (this one) will be changed to the new website within the next weeks - that could be in a few weeks or in 5 minutes. If you want to test your scripts with the new website, I recommend you to create a new profile.


          Seriously!! What new things are you adding?!?!?!?


          Be sure that they will be announced when it is time to talk about them. During the last week, they added some useful tools for moderators, they also transfer the website to its recoded version and then they will also add more features.


          When are you bringing BOTS to this website?


          Hows about you fix the sound not working


          Hello. I think it's actually slower right now, but well, it may have something to do with my old PC. Anyway, can you re-implement the option to see the amount of experience we have been taking in the previous days by hovering in the graph ? That was a nice feature.


          Is this has anything to do with the 'discussion' button opening a new tab instead of a window in the same tab, and the no longer working very convenient press-Enter-to-continue option? If so, is it temporary or meant to stay, because I liked how it worked until the recent days. If not, any ideas why doesn't it work? danke schön תודה רבה.


          My Duolingo Android app now keeps suggesting I update to a new version. Is that related to your “web rewrite”? So far I keep declining the update because the new version wants more privileges (making purchases over the net, I think), and I would like an explanation and a privacy declaration for that.


          Howdy there, a lot of important announcements can be found by going to "English" in the forums you're subscribed to, then "Popular" tab. This one is currently stickied there: The state of monetization at Duolingo II. I hope this helps explain things! :)


          Yes me too. I'm not updating while it demands my contacts. Why should DL need my contacts? I am starting to feel quite anxious about the direction DL is taking now.


          Dzięki dobry człowieku!


          I definitely noticed the performance bump the other week when it rolled out for me.

          Today though I'm noticing that the discussion thread button seems to be broken on the web (unless this is just a result of the slower forums).


          Hi all!

          Since I first experienced the change, and then read this heads up post I will leave a short feedback.

          We all know that for people to keep learning for free ads are inevitable but my comment on that is that it ruined the clean look I appreciated. Maybe you should consider charging a small fee to those that want the ad free experience (i.e. 10$/month).

          Definitively I miss the monthly XP progress tab (among weekly and all time tabs).

          This comment might be for the Troubleshooting forum, but, is it just in my profile (state of progress) or are the verbal (oral) exercises gone? All I do is type these days, never get to pronounce them new words. (I'm at 12th level of Norwegian course)

          And finally... I like to keep my lessons strong, so when I first log in I strengthen those that are weakened and then progress to the new ones. Lately I find it too many to be weakened over night. Once there were 21 lessons that needed strengthening. If finish 'em all that comes to 210XP that day and my coach is at 30XP which is serious, with 50XP being insane. Is it normal for so many lessons to go weak literally over night?

          Not to be all critical, thanks to Duolingo and all of its staff for making this free language learning app so fun and nice. As people (mostly me) are not so fond of change, if I joined after the rework, I would probably only be giving positive remarks.

          Keep up the good work!


          While you're fixing and updating things, could you please try to get rid of the parts requiring Flash? No matter how much I love Duolingo, I'm still not installing that old mess again.


          Will the problem with switching between languages also be fixed? If you don't know what I mean, this is my problem: I already know English, so I'm doing the Spanish course for English speakers. However, I want to improve my English. My native language is Dutch, so I chose the English course for Dutch speakers. When I added that course to my profile, my account switched from English to Dutch and my other courses were 'gone'. I needed to add another course for English speakers to go back to the English version and the courses/progress that I already made. A lot of other people are also experiencing this problem.


          My 2 cents in case anyone with power is still reading/cares:

          • No Review lesson as many others have said. I'm exclusively using timed practice on trees I have finished so I don't have time to check what I got wrong during the lesson and had to rely on that. I've read people complain about things that have since been added back, hopefully this is one of them.
          • Coach was finally forced upon me. Completely unnecessary, I immediately blocked every element with adblocker. Seeing the XP bar was far more motivating than reminding me to do 1 XP when I'm averaging over a hundred. Please give us an option to turn it off.
          • TinyCards: I'm not interested. Period. I don't need an extra screen after Every. Single. Lesson. to remind me of it's existence. The constant bombing probably makes me remember it but as with every annoying ad, it also helps me remember not to use it. Ever. Edit: Apparently this stops after certain amount of lessons. Still, no need to show it more than once (per week if you want to insist).
          • On top of that, the website is slower, completely defeating the point of the rewrite.
          • I do appreciate the sentence discussions opening in a new tab (see: timed practice) but not the fact that I'm switched to it immediately (again, see: timed practice). If those could open in another tab while I'm kept in the current one, that would be great. Even on normal lessons this feels more disruptive and breaking the flow than the previous method because I have to stare at an empty screen for a couple of seconds (see: slower website) instead of doing something productive like studying the correct answer/original sentence.


          Will clubs be added to Duolingo online? It is annoying going back and forth. You said changes will be easier to be made than before. I hope that clubs will be available online. What about Japanese (and other languages) for English speakers being available online? Will that happen?


          Hi Karin,

          I can't believe no one's asked this yet on this thread, but I'd love to know more about the technical details!

          Looking at the posts from Severin and Brendan Meeder on Quora, it looks like Duolingo uses mostly Python for scripting with MySQL and DynamoDB for the databases. Python and MySQL are both mature technologies that scale to extremely large sites so it'd be interesting to hear what the performance bottleneck was that prompted the rewrite.

          Additionally, I'm curious as to what technology was used for the rewrite.


          There's some more detail on a blog post. I posted a comment to this thread about it - you must have missed it when you looked through the comments. Do a ctrl-f for my username, and you'll find the link.


          Thank you! I did miss your post though it's not quite a difficult thing to do given the usability (or lack thereof) of the Duolingo forums.

          Hopefully the forums improvements and rewrite will decrease the client-side scrolling latency and organize threads more comprehensibly.


          I havn't had conjugation charts for about 3 months. Will they come back?


          They may or may not as Duolingo is still considering implementing them back or not, as they say in this Support Pages' article, namely:

          Under consideration:

          • Progress quiz (we would rather focus efforts on creating other, more popular shop items)
          • Conjugation tables within hints

          Note: When you're experiencing a problem/bug/glitch on Duolingo or more generally have a question about how Duolingo works (or should work), please do the following before creating a new discussion:

          1. start by looking if there is a solution described in the Support Pages.
            If there are no solutions there,
          2. Use the forum search-engine to search for older discussions about the same subject. Don’t hesitate to make various searches with different keywords and make searches combining several keywords/expressions using standard logical operators (&&, ||) and/or quote marks.
            If you don’t find anything,
          3. read in the Troubleshooting forum the last days new messages — scroll down (and read) a few pages of the tab “New” of said forum — to see if anyone has already started a discussion about the same issue. If nothing in the “New” tab, try the "Popular" tab of the same forum.
            If nothing there,
          4. check the few sticky messages of the "General" forum (for English speakers) to see if there is an announcement related to your issue.
            If still nothing,
          5. post your question in the Troubleshooting forum.


          Right now this page with almost 500 posts is quite heavy for my computer. I can hardly scroll because it takes too much time to scroll even half the screen down.

          Is this the new forum version or not yet? I hope it gets fixed soon because the comments of many sententes are getting more and more, and when studying it gets really hard to scroll to the relevant comments.

          At least there is no need to load all at once, you could load e.g. 20 initially and fetch more only if necessarry.


          I loved duolingo until you took about the ability to toggle between Cyrillic and Roman alphabet in Russian course. I took a long break from duolingo, and I was progressing well with Russian before. I wanted to learn by sound first, and I planned to learn the Cyrillic alphabet later. Now I'm back, and you've not only removed that option, but you apparently have no plans to put it back. Not only that, but I can't type answers (at least on the flashcards) with my English keyboard without downloading a program to have a Russian keyboard. I use this on my laptop, not on a tablet. I don't wish to download anything. My suggestion is either to put the toggle option back or else include a clickable Cyrillic alphabet on the course itself so we don't have to download a Russian keyboard. You've just made learning Russian and using duolingo much harder, and I don't really understand why you'd remove this perfectly good option without any places to replace it!


          Please give us the progress quizzes back, and create a function to share our scores to Facebook and LinkedIn. Make the certificate look nice and impressive and you'll get lots of people taking those quizzes. Maybe add benchmarks that rank people based on their scores into Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Business ready?


          Thanks for explaining


          Excellent news! Thank you for improving our wonderful language-learning experience on this amazing website.


          Cool how can I tell if I have the new version or the other one


          The new one has no activity tab


          I guess this explains the fluency issues.


          Is it just me, or does the little sound when you get an answer right slightly changed?


          I can't wait for a faster website! The website is REALLY slow!


          Karint, in case you or any fellow workers are interested, I'm going to start a YouTube channel for dissecting some of the history of language learning in the U.S. and why very few Americans (digo, estadounidenses) ever really learn to communicate in another language -- no matter which commercial or free program they use. Or, how they get as far as they do, when they do. My background is in the psychology of learning, instructional technology, and language-learning methods. I will do this from a technical perspective but tying it into practical outcomes.


          Hi Matthew! Really interesting to hear! I would love to get a link to your channel.

          My background is in computer science engineering, brain behavior and cognitive science, group dynamics psychology, and language acquisition. I've done quite a bit of research (both theoretical and practical) on the topic of U.S. language classes and the many reasons they fail.

          Maybe we could learn from each other!


          Thank you! I have a Chromebook with little processing power and this helps much! Thanks!


          I can't get word help for underlined words during the exercises. Not sure why.


          This is a useful message, thank you


          Hello. I cannot find the section in which we could read articles. I used to read articles in german which used to help me but now i cannot find them any more. Were they decommisioned?


          Yes, unceremoniously done away with: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20364950. Duolingo keeps promising a new and improved future yet has one longing for its better past.


          Will they ever come back? They were magnificent and very helpful.


          As a result of a DL user expressing suicidal intent I started a discussion on what action a DL user should take if they are concerned for another user's welfare. The conclusion reached is currently at the bottom of the discussion.

          The headings are:

          1. How to spot a suicidal person online.

          2. How to respond to the post.

          3. Contact a moderator. (This also includes reporting Abuse).

          See: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21335861

          Please could you consider creating easily accessed, clear guidelines on what DL users should do when there are serious concerns for another user's welfare? Those on the new website cannot contact a moderator and the report abuse route also does not work. The guidelines need to work without access to Activity.


          Allo, Karin, et merci! Anticipating awesome additions amidst an already addictive application! Au revoir!


          i am so happy for this changes .


          thanks! now i can hold out longer! :D thank you for all you do duo staff!! :)


          Sounds great!!!


          Are Streams taken away permanently?


          play memrise instead, its faster, easier to use and you learn quicker!


          Well, every software / app you are going to use will have it's drawbacks it seems. Nothing is really "round".
          I am only using DuoLingo (the old portal) because of the power of all the existing user scripts which extend ones learning experience greatly (see my comments above).
          I already know from this thread and user feedback that the upcoming 3-12 month learning experience on the new DuoLingo portal (after user migration) will be worse (and I might quit).

          There are some quite powerful user scripts available for Memrise* for

          • reviewing words
          • pushing repetition cycles further back when reviewing words backlog out-of-daily-schedule
          • learning many / all words (>15) per level
          • planting ALL (15) words in one session (6 flower steps)
          • etc.

          Therefore: YES, I am using Memrise in parallel to more effectively learn/review new vocabulary.
          But I have not checked in depth SuperMemo, FlashCards Deluxe (and Quizlet imports), AnkiSRS....

          But for the recommendation of Memrise alone:

          Have you seen in the Memrise community forum http://community.memrise.com changelog newsletter, that the staff removed adding (other) user-created MEMS by yourself?

          You can NOT SEE any available MEMS from the course databases anymore if you like to add one MEM for a weak / more difficult word.
          You have to create the MEMS for yourself manually. How annoying is that?!?
          You can only see the MEMS which you have added before to your learned words.

          So your statement "and you learn quicker" is unfortunately only half true from now on :-( Memrise staff even does not (auto-)add MEMS or pictures to their offical courses by themself to present them when learning new words, so a user would not have to manually create them.
          Any Android app with a true offline mode (>=60MB) which includes pictures or put's words into a nice memorizable sentence context might be more powerful than Memrise.... (as long as they use a true 4-8/12/24h++ shorter repetition interval like Memrise does over DuoLingo).
          I found 2-3 apps (for Portuguese) which are bigger once installed and have that true offline mode.....and you can learn even phrases with them.
          Besides that I also like www.languagecourse.net A1-C1 + topic (online) vocabulary trainer VT, as the language team from the company created for EVERY word a nice picture and you do not have to initially add MEMS manually by yourself.

          But IMHO it seems to behave too buggy on Bluestacks emulator@Windows with their Leitner index card boxes (and words learned database) and I was loosing "learned words total count" from my (multiple) index card boxes, even I had learned them before and their learned state was syncronized online with the VT online server.

          To really use VT beyond some initial testing and 100% trusting the VT app, I probably would have to contact the developers team to fix those probably existing bugs and do some back and forth testing.
          Maybe it's just Bluestacks which creates that trouble....maybe not (e.g works better on a true Android mobile phone).....I (as a developer) doubt it.

          DuoLingo's "fake offline cache mode" for finishing new lessons is no better on Bluestacks@Windows and also lacks stability issues (reported bug).


          its been a week! I want to know when the update comes out!


          What about blocking people? Will that be here still? Or the ability to block all contact with any user?


          What about blocking people? Will that be here still?

          See (the second part of) this comment in the discussion about Activity Stream.
          Blocking someone was linked to the Activity Stream as, AFAIK, it was only prohibiting to the other person to write on your stream.
          Without any Activity Stream anymore, the option to block [from posting on your stream] is meaningless.

          Or the ability to block all contact with any user?

          The end of Activity Stream exactly answers your request. ;)

          Note: the only "contact" you may have with someone you'd like to "block" is on forums, but they are public places. One will not be blocked from them due to another user "blocking" them.


          thank for all your work

          • 1422

          Jag gillar det. Hoppas allt är bra för det.


          About how long will it take for a new language in Duolingo to go from Hatching to Beta? Thank you!


          About how long will it take for a new language in Duolingo to go from Hatching to Beta?

          It's not possible to know that as it'll depend on various things among which

          • How "complete" the first version of the course will be.
            => Volunteers' choie
          • How "fast" volunteers will work.
          • Will the course need for staff to work on the system? And you don't always know it before the course is started
          • Will the course use TTS or recorded audio?

          and many other things.

          Now, statistically:
          Up to now and on all courses created by volunteers that already reached (at least) beta phase

          • average: 243 days (see here)
          • median: 161 days (see same link as above)
          • range: 27 to 979 days (see here.


          I want to commend you for your efforts on the "A Faster Website" project. The learners here noticed and appreciated your attention to detail and relentless determination to release this faster website as it could help people who might be in a bad connection area or on a time limited. We are proud to have you as part of a software engineer here and look forward to your future contributions.


          Thanks for the information. I felt it slower than before, but still fine with me.


          I have not noticed anything much but it does seem much faster when I click on certain things. Although it was a pretty fast website before


          Great job ma'am! Keep it up!


          Is it as a result of this that the "Discuss sentence" button no longer works?


          Is it as a result of this that the "Discuss sentence" button no longer works?

          It does still work but with a pop-up now, see the first item of this comment by Mr.rM in this same discussion.
          This change of behaviour is indeed a result of the change of the website.


          I'm on the new website and I can only open ''Discuss sentence'' when there have been comments before me. I can't create a new one.


          this site is slow as shit ladsssss..... im not havin it


          Cool! Thanks, Karint


          do you guys add things to it every day or just do something else


          will the speaking excercises return?


          On the new website, could you please add the club feature? I would like to see my club members' progress on my laptop as well as my phone.


          The site seems very slow this evening. Is there a problem?


          Hi! I really like the website so far, but a lot of my lesson progress in German is gone. It's asking me to relearn units I've already completed, and most importantly, my little trophy of Duo is gone. :( Is this normal? Thanks.


          Are you sure it didn't say "Notice something different?" at the top? I don't know if such a message would even appear on the new site but your other symptoms sound a lot like an updated German tree. If you do relearn, you'll probably find some new words.


          I did, actually. Thanks for the advice!


          How does this work? How does it make the website faster?


          I miss not being able to go over the answers that I have got wrong.


          You switching out to React or something? Backbone is very outdated :/


          Are a lot of features has changed? I didn't noticed much changes except the notification pop-up window and ad in every skill...


          A fast website is good. But my microphone does not work now.


          please bring back the fluency test

          • 2549

          Hi Karin!

          There was a good free test in the Duolingo for 25 lingots, but this is disappeared now. Will we get it back? (I'm sorry for my weak English knowledge.) Thank you. Hello.


          Hi emgepe,

          see for example the comment just above yours by robin.anderson (and its answer).


          I am on level 10 of both Spanish and Esperanto. While I can access the Esperanto page, I cannot open any Esperanto lessons. The Spanish page and lessons present not problems. This is the second day this problem has presented itself. Is this related to the rewrite, or is something else at play?


          I do not need New Modern Technology, I and many others need Progress quiz just to practice language. I feel like bacteria that have to adopt to new antibiotics every time you bring up New Modern Technology.


          This is my new favorite disgruntled duolingo user analogy. I disagree with your sentiment, because with this particular change, Duolingo became faster for those with exceedingly slow internet. So, those with comparatively fast internet didn't notice. But, still who makes an analogy like this? It is so gold. You've made my day, thank you. :D Have some lingots.


          Thank you. Should I put Duolingo on my browser so I can get the same site every time.


          Does the rewrite have anything to do with there being no questions that require spoken responses when I use Duo on my MacBook Pro (the spoke responses are still required on my I-phone. I do have the microphone turned on.


          Hi Lou772780 ,

          Does the rewrite have anything to do with there being no questions that require spoken responses when I use Duo on my MacBook Pro

          Very likely, as you can see in the "Why don't I get speaking exercises anymore?" section in the "Duolingo's New Website" article of the Support Pages.

          Note: When you're experiencing a problem/bug/glitch on Duolingo or more generally have a question about how Duolingo works (or should work), please do the following before creating a new discussion:

          1. start by looking if there is a solution described in the Support Pages.
            If there are no solutions there,
          2. Use the forum search-engine to search for older discussions about the same subject. Don’t hesitate to make various searches with different keywords and make searches combining several keywords/expressions using standard logical operators (&&, ||) and/or quote marks.
            If you don’t find anything,
          3. read in the Troubleshooting forum the last days new messages — scroll down (and read) a few pages of the tab “New” of said forum — to see if anyone has already started a discussion about the same issue. If nothing in the “New” tab, try the "Popular" tab of the same forum.
            If nothing there,
          4. check the few sticky messages of the "General" forum (for English speakers) to see if there is an announcement related to your issue.
            If still nothing,
          5. post your question in the Troubleshooting forum.


          After a few nights of German class I noticed that the refreshing page takes much longer that the previous version .


          under settings i can not find the option for turning on my microphone.


          Hi chris871766,

          sure it's linked to the 5 months old changes (which is the subject of this discussion)?
          If not, could you create a new discussion dedicated to your issue in the “Troubleshooting" forum?

          under settings i can not find the option for turning on my microphone.

          Would you have a screenshot of what you see in your settings to share so that we can try to help?

          N.B.: To be shared in the new discussion you'll create.


          Hi, my bonus unit is not available but i buy in the shop. Help me please


          So is there now a new conjugation dictionary on DuoLingo?


          You keep telling me my email address is taken, I cannot open the next lesson why?


          Hi Annie635284,

          There are a couple of possible things happening for you. But, you haven't given enough information in your comment for me to figure out which of the things it is.

          Are you receiving that message from your Annie635284 account? If so, are you receiving the messages when you are on the desktop version, the app, or both? If the app is involved at all, which app are you using? (Android, ios?)

          If you have a real email registered with your account, log out of Duolingo and ask it to send you a link to reset your password. (It is best to use a different password for your email than you use for Duolingo.) If you do not have a real email address registered with Duolingo but have the ability to go into your Settings to change the email you've registered with Duolingo from a fake one to a real one, do that. Then, click the green "Save" button so the update will stick.

          If you used a fake email address to begin with, it's possible that someone who really owns that email address tried to use it. Then, because they saw someone had used their email address, they asked Duolingo to send them the link to change the password, thereby claiming the account it was linked to. (It is always best for people to use a real email address when registering their account with Duolingo.)

          What sometimes happens is that someone installs the app and begins using Duolingo without first logging into their existing account on that app. If that happened, you will need to log out of the "new" account before trying to log in to your original account. To do so, first, try logging out of your account using these instructions.

          I hope that something on here helps you fix your situation.


          First, I was very unhappy with the New Site, but now, I'm not anymore, but I see that even the features that are the most wanted are planned to be stopped, as the activity tab (where you see the last messages and actions from an user on a site)


          They say they will add some other social tools, we'll see...

          But I'm very disappointed improving the notification for messages is not planned.
          Will the stories feature (good alternative to «Immersion») and the tinycards receive a better integration with the main site?


          Hi PERCE_NEIGE!


          features [...] are planned to be added again, as the activity tab

          I still read, at the bottom of the Support Pages' article you linked,

          Not planned:
          - Activity stream

          It also says that they

          plan to replace this social feature with something better!

          but it's not saying that it'll be another similar social feature (could be, could not be).


          Yes, I know, sorry, I was editing my message, and had a slow connection problem (this forum is slow), so the first part of my message remained inchanged. I edited my message now, you were quicker than my edit. ;-)


          How do I get the NEW website. I so not have the spanish practice speaking possiblity


          You already have the new version that this 11 months old announcements talks about.
          Everybody has for months this version that was new 11 months ago.


          My site has reverted all the way back to the beginning. I'm studying Italian, and was going to begin Gerunds this morning, but now I see that everything from basic to Gerunds is highlighted as though I had never completed them. I don't want to start from ground zero again, so how can this be fixed?


          Found no answer to my query: what can I do to type in my answers in cyrillic?


          You can add a russian keyboard in 'edit language and keyboard options' if you have a windows PC.


          Hello Having issue with activity_stream, adding friends and connecting to FB Ideas?


          since I do not have the 'words' tab on the blue banner, i assume i have the new version. However, the 'words' tab turns out to be a very useful tool in refreshing the learning of vocabulary . Bring it back.


          i am unable to find the 'tips and notes' information. thanks for helping me!


          I seem not to be able to access Forum. Is this the new normal, or am I doing something wrong? (I ‘ve downloaded Duolingo to my IPad, and want to use it rather than my laptop).


          Can not get past “Unable to deliver product. Contact support. “


          The new version that you will roll out, will solve the problem with the phonetic Duolingo keyboard for Firefox that I have been using for many months and now it doesn't work anymore?

          [deactivated user]

            I WAS CHARGED UNAUTHORIZED PAYMENTS TO DUOLINGO IN THE AMOUNT OF $500+. They charged for 1 year 5 times $47.00 plus one year at $83.00 and one year at $71. Do not use this site they will totally rip you off.

            [deactivated user]

              I WAS CHARGED UNAUTHORIZED PAYMENTS TO DUOLINGO IN THE AMOUNT OF $500+. They charged for 1 year 5 times $47.00 plus one year at $83.00 and one year at $71. Do not use this site they will totally rip you off.

              • 1417

              Doesn’t seem necessary that we should have to stumble through


              Why does the App tells me under "Achievements" ("Conquerer") that I have failed to get every skill in a course to Level 1? I have passed the #2 castle... Doesn't that mean I have passed every skill in Level 1??


              The loudspeaker in French does not work. When I press ny finger on it it takes a lot of time before I get an answer. Most of the time there is not any answer and I have to quit and start at the beginning


              Hi everybody, i don't know how i can report some error here, but in the streak counter have some error, yesterday i've earned 20 XP and this is computed on graphic, but i lost my 34 day streak. After the minimum xp to get a day streak was changed, this happened with me two times until now.


              I am blocked for there are no greek letters on the screen and therefore no possible answer. I have european letters on my computer. What can I do


              when i use the times button, correct answers don't add time


              I do not see the microphone in my settings. Is this because I have an older version?


              I have been using Duolingo for a little while now, which I had been enjoying. However, I am completely frustrated that, although I complete exercises, the 10 points are NOT ADDED to my score. This is not a rare experience, but continual and the marks are not added on perhaps, the next practice. NEVER! This is now making Duolingo a frustrating exercise for me and I am thinking of stopping altogether. It is not about the points, it is about me remaining at a lower level, watching other people go ahead while my points remain 'static'. It is also frustrating being unable to speak to anyone to correct this matter. Perhaps, this time, someone will take notice! I await with interest! Helen McGowan


              Would 'bugs' be equated with failure of adding any points? Just wondering? Helen McGowan


              Yes. If you aren't getting points added when you complete a lesson, you need to do a "Bug Report". Let us know if it gets corrected.


              Hello Benton.1 Thank you so much for your kind response, as this has been 'cracking me up'! Where do I do a 'Bug Report"? Moran taing agus tioraidh!


              Hi, Helen. Sorry, I just saw you question today. Hopefully you have already found out how to do a Bug Report. If not, you can just google "Duolingo Bug Report" or go to the very bottom of any Duolingo page and click on "Help". Then, on the right hand side, click on "Forums & Community" and then on "Trouble Shooting" and then on "How to Do a Bug Report". Good luck with your studies!


              Hi Benton Thank you so much for reverting. I actually did a Bug Report but, when I was looking around, could not find any response. Possibly, because I did not spend loads of time looking! It still occasionally does not add, but I try to stop myself ranting about it! Again, thank you for taking the trouble to respond, which is much appreciated. Hope you are enjoying learning and doing well. Kindest regards Helen.


              Hi so I appear on my friend's followers list on duolingo but they dont appear in my followings list when they click follow .

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