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Haitian Creole Course?


So I'm an aspiring linguist with a particular interest in African and Creole languages (when I saw Swahili was avaliable you can imagine how excited I was) and for a while I've wanted to learn Haitian Creole. I have friends who are Haitian and the area where I currently reside has a lot of speakers, and quite often do I get mistaken for being of Haitian descent.

With that said, I was wondering (for the Duolingo language creators) with the emergence of Swahili, will there potentially be a Haitian Creole course in the making? And if not, would you consider it?

Linguistically yours,


April 19, 2017



I had no idea! Thank you, can't wait till it comes out!


I speak Haitian Creole and I put in a form to be a contributor to the course and when I looked on the incubator site it said that the last time they worked on it was 5 months ago. So it might be awhile before it is up! But the app Mango has a wonderful and accurate course on it!


This won't help you learn Haitian Creole, but Lang Focus has an interesting video about it.



Yes! I would really appreciate this too. Someone dear to me is Haitian. While we have French and English in common, I would really like to learn Haitian Creole for her.

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