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  5. "Você tinha um cachorro?"

"Você tinha um cachorro?"

Translation:Did you have a dog?

March 15, 2014



I put the direct translation, "You had a dog?" Marked wrong


"Have you had a dog?" <-- present perfect?


It's present perfect....but I believe it's not a good translation.

I'd say "Have you had a dog?" = "Você teve um cachorro?" (You had a dog once in the past)

And "você tinha um cachorro?" can be translated as "Did you have a dog?", "You used to have a dog?"


The question using present perfect would cover an undefined period of time: Have you ever had a dog?

If we used the simple past, we'd be specific in terms of time or place:

Ex: Did you have a dog when you lived at home?


Thansk Elaine.

For the present perfect, "teve" is still the correct translation.

Simple past can be translated both ways.


It would be highly unlikely to ask that first question using present perfect excluding the adverb "ever". The present perfect typically introduces the conversation and we go on to specifics using the simple past.


Yes, that's an interesting attribute of pp in English. Still, it is also the form used with "How long have you had..."


OK, but habitual past would be, "Did you use to have a dog?"


The "simple past" is used to describe repetitive actions and habitual situations in the past. Some grammarians suggest using the simple past in questions for reasons of euphony.

Did you have a dog [when you lived at home]?



Oh man....tons of thousand sententences....took so long to find this one....

It's fixed now.


the translation can be - used to have - or- use to have -

However, it was marked wrong by the program -


"Used to"" works like any other regular verb. When it is used negatively or in a question with the auxiliary verb "did", the "d" is dropped from "used" .

• I used to have a dog. (Affirmative)
• I didn't use to have a dog. (Negative)
• Did you use to have a dog?

It is hard to hear the difference when speaking.


Duo offers as an alternative to "did you used to have a dog?" as did you use to have a dog. Correct, or at least commonly used English, always employs "used to" in the past. "Did you used to live in China?" "We used to work in the evenings".


"You used to have a dog?" is marked wrong...

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