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I'm here to help!

Hello, I am a native English speaker and would love to help those looking for help in English:)
Although at this time it would have to be through messages because my mobile devices are not working:(
I am sorry for the inconvenience:)

April 19, 2017

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Hey there!!! Let's begin, by what way do you prefer on here or skype? or Another


Hello, I would have to use this or email because my phone is not working.


Hola, Yo soy un Inglés hablante y quisó te ayudo en Inglés:)
Mi teléfono móvil no funciona asi que yo tengo uso mensaje tambien:(
Lo siento para el problema:)
Lo siento para mi mal español:)


Hello there...It's very kind of you...to return the favor, I will help you with your spanish translation...I would suggest to review the following bold words...

Hola. Soy un hablante nativo de Inglés y quizá te pueda ayudar en/con Inglés. Mi celular / teléfono móvil no funciona, así que tampoco puedo usar mensajes (not sure what you exactly wanted to say). Perdón por el problema/inconveniente. Perdón por mi español...

Well, your spanish is not that bad...you're learning and I'm glad you even used tilde ( ´ )...about | perdon vs lo siento | you might want to know that "lo siento" means to be deeply sorry about something, where as perdón might be just a pardon/ excuse me/ sorry/ expressing the degree of sorrowness (is that even a word?) in the intonation...


Thank you so much:)


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