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Japanese alpha testing

Just wondering if any alpha testers were able to access the Japanese course with their existing account, and if so, did you lose progress in other courses? I don't want to create another account.

April 19, 2017



Yes (I didn't read it properly); no progress lost; no changes at all that I can see. The course itself doesn't work properly in the browser, however, and the website will force you to switch to another language when you use it.


Do you use the course on your iphone?


Yes. Some Japanese audio isn't working, and some words aren't defined, but apart from that it all seems to be functioning all right.


Are you an alphatester?


That's 3 alphatesters.

Me, you, and Espiraden's.

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Garpike-That's an impressive mix of languages. How many trees did you complete and what were they?


They let in a lot of people. I'm in along with numerous people on r/learnjapanese


I accessed the glitch before i was accepted as an alphatester, and it didn't mess up my progress. But the email did say that they recommend that you do create an new account, so i did just to be safe.


Thanks for your reply.


I'm an alphatester, and I use this account for alpha testing. Before I started (yesterday) I used the hack to learn Japanese. It's a very safe hack, and doesn't affect Duolingo in any way.

And as you can see...I'm perfectly fine so far.


Thanks! No lost streak or levels? I learn a lot on Duolingo, but for me the most important is the motivation I get from the game aspect of it. If I lost my flags, levels, streak, I'd probably stop using it.


Nope, if you see that my Italian suddenly went back to 0, I voluntarily resetted it.


Before I started (yesterday)

Are they still accepting applicants? Or am I too late?


I think you're too late.


regrets all of my life choices

Oh well, May isn't too far away, so as long as they stay on schedule...


Yup, it's the same hack.


Did the course although its pretty glitched


I've tried emailing a couple of times, but I still can't use the Test Flight invite. It was sent to the email account I use for my principal account, and I can't connect it with the new account I set up. I tried just using it with my regular account, but I don't get the option to use the Japanese course.


I'd recommend getting another account, like me, this is my alpha account. Just to be safe.

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