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Its high time for Filipinos to learn Spanish again

Its been 30 years after Spanish was dropped as one of the official languages of the Philippines. I believe it was a huge mistake to drop Spanish considering that it would be quick for Filipinos to pick up Spanish.

I had been learning Spanish here at doulingo I found out that it was fun and they method used to learn Spanish language in school was similar to doulingo perhaps Spanish never fell out of use. Same is true to English where majority of Filipinos nowadays find speaking English intimidating. Many are handicapped even in expressing simple ideas, well that shows how terrible the language policy!

Spanish has a cultural significance, a link to the past where most filipinos especially the millenials are ignorant of. We are now globalized and interconnected, the third most important world language should make a big comeback. If East Timor can restore Portuguese for Cultural reasons, why Philippines can't make it?

Doulingo please make a Spanish Learning course designed for Filipinos.


April 19, 2017



Hi! Im from spain and i think that Philippines have to restore spanish :(


Hola Meita . Si. Es cierto. Soy de Filipinas pero estoy de acuerdo contigo que debemos poner espanol como uno de idiomas oficiales de nuestro pais.


I agree totally.


English for Tagalog speakers is being prepared currently, and from there, people can learn Spanish from English, strengthening their English at the same time. Spanish for Tagalog would be nice, but it will be a long way off in the future.


I totally agree. I don't see why the Philippines can't have Filipino, English AND Spanish as official languages. I also believe that a lot of Filipinos would be able to pick up Spanish quickly considering how the languages of the Philippines have a lot of words derived from Spanish.

Bringing back Spanish would also open up a lot of career opportunities abroad for the next generation of Filipinos. After all, Spanish is still a major language.


There is no budget to fund teaching Spanish from kindergarten, let alone the rest of foreign languages. The Department of Education currently focuses on introducing mother tongue as medium of instruction from kindergarten to grade 3 because of realities that Tagalog is not the only native language in the country.

With regards to Spanish, I think we need to amend the constitution first to restore official language before compelling DepEd to teach Spanish from kindergarten. Currently under the new K to 12 educational system, Spanish and other foreign languages are offered elective in selective secondary schools which I think a wrong method to immerse students with foreign language at later age. Spanish should be the Philippines' national language instead of Tagalog because the former bridges major native language into common lexicon while the latter is associated with Metro Manila and non-Tagalogs are still bitter that their languages are not considered official. For the purpose of inter-ethnic communication among Filipinos, Spanish should be the medium. Some would say should be English but English sounds too condescending and intimidating among majority Filipino masses.


You are right. Perhaps we should petition the president to listen to our pleas to bring back Spanish back as one of the official languages of our country.


the spanish language never succeed in replacing local languages instead they made a mix international language on the whole island which is being called as filipino a mix of tagalog,english and spanish there are still lot of indigenous languages spoken in the philippines unlike in the americas where most indigenous languages we're replaced

even "filipino" was considered to be official the tagalog still feel superior because the basis of the "filipino language" was tagalog

teachers often said that the spaniard didn't want to teach filipinos to speak spanish but not totally true because in the first place it had a spanish language subject before the reality is they drop the language from the curriculum and official level language of the country


I had my spanish subjects in high school and college. My professors speak spanish fluently.


I disagree that there's no budget to fund teaching Spanish. The government alots big chunk of budget yearly to DepEd and CHED.


We have to raise teacher's salary up to 60,000 pesos per month to be attractive for any teachers to teach Spanish, not just as a subject but as a medium in subjects like science, math, and humanities.

Aside to that, we don't have enough local Spanish language teachers and since the goal is to make it a medium of instruction in schools alongside English, then the government has to remove prohibition of foreigners in teaching public schools (basic or SUCs) like allowing them to take board examination for teachers.


I am so happy that Latinos y Latinas here are supporting the Philippines, which is my country, to have at least some Filipinos y Filipinos to be speaking Español. Muchas gracias! I think it would be good for us to educate more in our schools about the Spanish culture and the language itself.


i agree that it would be much easier to reunite the filipino people more and much better if all having the same heritaged cultured language for the whole archipelago island in replacing local dialects by spanish language


I think not replacing, but rather just implementing more of the Spanish culture and the language itself in our studies so people would be more inclined to learn Spanish so the Spanish speakers in the Philippines would at least grow significantly.


True. Even if you don't care about the cultural ties, its still practical to learn Spanish since it is the third most spoken language in the world with about half the world's population speaks Spanish and in US the companies prefer someone who is bilingual in English and Spanish and even here in the Philippines, it is also an advantage when you speak Spanish especially if you're applying for a job at government, sales, marketing, multinational companies, banks, import/export, customs, freight forwarding, cargo/shipment, restaurants, hotels, airport, airline companies, tour guide etc. and also if you're planning to become or already an entrepreneur in these types of businesses. Because these jobs involve direct interaction with different people and it's impossible not to bump into a Spaniard or a Latino. I know it because I work in an Italian restaurant here in Metro Manila and most of our wines and some raw ingredients we import are from Spain and since I speak Spanish so even if my job there is a Designer but there are times wherein our purchasing department would call me to interpret the product labels especially the ingredients or some emails from our Spanish suppliers plus I also have an easier time understanding Italian since these languages are somewhat close.

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