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A lot has just changed (at least for me), and I don't understand how these changes are supposed to be helpful! I can't click on "Discuss sentence", anymore; if you want to report a problem, there are only 3 options, so if your is not there, that's your problem; when you hover over a word it doesn't show if it's feminine/masculine/neuter, anymore! This is VERY frustrating!

April 20, 2017


Yes that's so true ! It's very annoying!

If you can see an activity tab you have the older program if you don't you have some part of the new "improved" website

Everyone's Activity has been removed. Including old users.

But you probably still have an activity tab and if someone posted on it and you have email notification on you apparently still get an email. The website for the new version of duo doesn't have the tab for activity or so I understand from my interpretation of what the duo software engineer posted

Sorry, I misread your comment.

Activity was removed, but the tab was not. Only the new version of the Duolingo website is missing the activity tab. It's the easiest (quickest) way to tell which site version you have.

  • Notice on the red header, it still says "Activity". That is the old site
  • On the blue one, the "Activity" is gone, that means it's the new site.

Sorry, I already know. Seems I misread Ken's comment.

My Activity is still there

You still have the tab, but no activity stream. The stream has been completely removed for everyone.

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