English: I think it would be cool if duo added Chinese as an option. Up vote this discussion and maybe the mods might take a look into make Chinese an option. ☺

German: Ich denke, es wäre cool, wenn Duo Chinesisch als Option hinzugefügt hätte. Up vote diese Diskussion und vielleicht die Mods könnte einen Blick in machen Chinesisch eine Option. ☺

French: Je pense que ce serait cool si duo a ajouté le chinois comme option. Up vote cette discussion et peut-être que les mods pourraient jeter un coup d'oeil sur faire du chinois une option. ☺

Spanish: Creo que sería genial si dúo añadido chino como una opción. Subir voto esta discusión y tal vez los mods podría echar un vistazo a hacer chino una opción. ☺

Ukrainian: Я думаю, що було б здорово, якби дует додав китайський в якості опції. До голосування цього обговорення і, можливо, моди можуть заглянути в китайський макіяж варіанту. ☺

Russian: Думаю, было бы здорово, если бы дуэт добавил китайский вариант. Проголосовать за эту дискуссию и, возможно, модов можно посмотреть, чтобы сделать китайский вариант. ☺

Italian: Penso che sarebbe cool se duo aggiunse il cinese come opzione. Vota questa discussione e forse i mod possono dare un'occhiata a rendere cinese un'opzione. ☺

April 20, 2017


They're going to this year. In fact, Mandarin just might be the surprise they're giving this week.

Cool. ☺ Have a lingot

Hmmm, I thought the 'Surprise' was Alpha-testers for the Japanese course. If that wasn't it, i hope it is Mandarin :)

But there are only 3 alphatesters, including the both of us. They wouldn't promote something in such a huge way, and then we all realize, wait, it's only for 3 people for now!

There's definitely more Alpha-Testers, You and I, Bill147479, sodette123, thecupcakefarmer, 81cheney, PolyglAna and KEIsuke.1 at least, that's why i thought that Japanese Alpha-Testers were the 'Surprise'. :)

Source (s):

((I feel as if i'm sounding rude but i swear i'm not trying to be!))

I was also selected to be an alpha tester but am using another account for that course. :)

Why do you have multiple accounts? I know some people do it because they want zombie armies to upvote themselves but you don't seem to be that type

It was recommended to us alpha testers that we use a separate account for Japanese so that it doesn't mess with any of our other coursework. Also, thanks for the compliment @KenBookmye! I do not consider myself 'that type'. ;)

I am also using a different account. I hadn't realized that there were so many Alpha-Testers for a course. I thought there was only a few. :)

Oh, I got selected to be an alpha tester too. ;)

There's also garpike, can't forget him./her.

A surprise? Really? Where did you read/hear that? I'm pretty curious now. :)

It was posted on Duolingo's Twitter account. They often post announcements concerning upcoming courses there.

Duolingo. Ils ont une poste sur ce"suprise". Je suis aussi curieux sur ce "surprise"

I think expecting Chinese from Ukrainian is a little optimistic

I was just doing my post in different languages. I doubt that Chinese for Ukrainian will be here soon.

Yes I knew that. I am so old that messing with young naive people is one of my few joys. You all have trouble with sarcasm.

Me sarcastic, no. I'm so not sarcastic. I prefer simple logic and no sarcasm please.

Sorry, if that sounded rude. I don't know why, but it sounded kinda rude to me.

What? Sorry my hearing is going.

Were you the one who just gave me 10 lingots?
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The other dude started it. Btw, how well can you speak all of those languages that you typed? I counted 7 different languages!

Ken, to answer your question, Duolingo recommended in the email (alphatesting email) that we make another account to do the testing, as it could affect our current progress. I'm using this account, though.

Txlsu, I can speak English, French, and German fluently. I know basic phrases in Ukrainian. And I know a few words in Italian. I don't speak Russian, or Spanish.

hello there mate

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