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Duolingo in the news (again)

I happened to read this article in my local newspaper: http://www.post-gazette.com/business/tech-news/2017/04/19/Trump-h-1b-visa-tech-program-data-status/stories (Duolingo is mentioned starting around paragraph 17). It looks like it may become challenging for Duolingo to be able to recruit high-skilled employees from abroad. So all you tech-savvy US high school and college students, maybe this is your chance!

Edit: I posted this article for information only, not to open a political discussion.

April 20, 2017



Thanks for posting this. It's quite interesting. However, the article is heavily weighted to one side of this question. For instance, the last two, summarizing, paragraphs begin this way: "Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO of Tata Consultancy Services, believes that it would be a loss if the H-1B visa acquisition process changed dramatically."

Well, of course he would believe that. His company is in the business of supplying those foreign tech workers and making huge profits from doing so. An expert he may be, but he is hardly impartial.

For a summary of the other side of the question read this.


Thank you for that! There definitely always is two sides to every story.


Thanks for finding and sharing these Duolingo mentions!


Interesting post.

I'd like to help, but I can't. Luis von Ahn is far smarter than I am. He's the guy who invented the CAPTCHA, for crying out loud!

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