"Hello, I am a boy."

Translation:Salut, eu sunt un băiat.

April 20, 2017

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I thought the article was optional in this phrase, but I was marked wrong for omitting it.


I thought both bunã and salut both meant hello!

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How can I tell when to use the article, such as un. Sometimes it is required and sometimes not.


Un is used for indefinite articles such as "a" "an". For example "a boy" would be "un biat" "an apple" "un mar". For feminine you use "o" such as "o fata" a girl


Not exactly, sometimes the article can be omitted entirely and it is considered implied in the word alone, for example "baiat" can be mean "a boy." It seems like Duo is being inconsistent about when it allows you to omit the article and when it doesn't. I have the same question as above.


I also thought omitting the indefinite article here was the correct thing to do and i have no idea if I'm wrong or if this is a mistake in duo

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