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Suggestion: Vocabulary list

It will be very helpful if duolingo generates the list of vocabulary you have already learnt. And possibility to create flash cards to revise vocabulary. Thanks.

March 15, 2014



This was a former feature of the old website design before they switched over. They have officially stated that they intend to re-integrate it at some point but as far as I know there has been no timeline given.


Agreed. An automatically-generated vocabulary list would be VERY helpful. I've been typing my own, but it's time-consuming. Would also be great if we could manipulate the list (eg. masculine nouns, feminine nouns, animals, foods, etc).


Yes I totally agree. For example in french there are articles and I have no possibility to see what article has each word. Flash cards with vocabulary with the articles will be grate. And I also appreciate the cards with verb with the indicative present. Thanks


yes that would be great. The previous version of duolingo had it.


Yes that world be cool


Agree bigtime. I was thinking of suggesting it myself as well.


Need conversational French


I love this suggestion! I have been keeping my own flash cards to keep up with new words.


I agree with you. I have a hard time with when to use "sont" and when to use "sommes" and if there was some sort of glossary for rules and a vocabulary list, it would be most helpful.


Before I started in with Duolingo, I used Babbel. Build up a vocab of over 3,000 French words in the free Babbel app for Android before the poor thing collapsed under the strain. This has helped me considerably in working with Duo whose strengths are in dealing with working with syntax and grammar. Can I suggest this as a stopgap until Duo finishes its rennovation of the vocab wing.


Yes back up material would be very helpful

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