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  5. "Das hängt von Ihnen ab."

"Das hängt von Ihnen ab."

Translation:That depends on you.

February 28, 2013



Note this comes from abhängen = "to depend on" This is a "trennbar Verb" and gets separated


If "hängt...ab" translates to depends on...then where does VON come?


I think "abhängen" = "to depend", "abhängen von" = "to depend on".


Hmm I think you are correct :) danke


Could this also work as "That depends on them?" or should that use a different pronoun?


no, that would be "Das hängt von ihnen ab."


Since it has a capital 'I' it means you. If it had a lower case 'i' then it would be 'them.'


I see many verbs which act likes this one 'abhängen' such as aufschreiben, auswählen, and the meaning changes as well. Like, if you read to someone : verlesen, if you give your opnion about something: aussprechen and go on...


Isn't it "vOrlesen"?


Both "verlesen" and "vorlesen" exist and are used in the context of reading to others. However, "verlesen" usually means reading an official statement to the public, while "vorlesen" could be reading anything to anyone.

Of course, "verlesen" also has a couple of other meanings:

  • Sie verliest die Pflaumen. | She's sorting out the bad plums.
  • Sie hat sich den Text verlesen. | She misread the text.


which is the purpose of "von". I don´t see it


What's the purpose of 'on' in 'depends on'? It serves the same purpose here.

'Ab' is not a preposition here, it is part of the separable verb, abhängen.


At first it didn't even register in my brain, that "hängt" is also "dependent on", and I was thinking about how weird that is. But in Hebrew (my native tongue) the word for hang and the word for depends is the same word!

This makes it much easier to remember.


One of the translations given for hängt is "couple on." As a native English speaker (and a damn good one at that!), I've never heard the term. Does anyone have an idea what the dash-blasted blankety heck that means? "Have you watched any Breaking Bad episodes?" "I watched a couple on Netflix." Somehow I don't think that's what they mean....


As a non-native German speaker, I have no idea. Perhaps it means coupling as in the context of trains?


Coupled with (ie paired together in some sense) is common where I'm from. Used in the sense "X coupled with Y means it's likely that..." - sort of dependent ideas


Is there a difference between this and ... Das kommt auf Sie an or even das liegt an dir (think that might be that is up to u/ that is because of u???


Hello. Could somebody explain why "von" is in this sentence? Is it needed and does it change the meaning of the sentence at all?

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@Lull0000 : The full German expression is von etw abhängen = to depend on. http://goo.gl/l1u2fC (PONS link)


Why not hängen...ab?


The verb needs conjugating for 'das', which is singular.

Either, sie/wir hängen...ab, or, es/das/er/etc. hängt...ab.


'That hangs on you' should be accepted... I am English and say this alongside 'it is down to you a lot' to mean 'depends'.

[deactivated user]

    Is the German sentence really used?


    I often say "That depends..." in response to questions. Could I also say "Das hängt ab..."?


    I thought I had a snotty nose or something!

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