"Ea doarme după ce aleargă."

Translation:She sleeps after she runs.

April 20, 2017

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What is the purpose of "ce" in this sentence? Can it be correct without "ce", without changing the meaning?


I have no idea how to explain. The thing is however that without the ce it means that she runs after she sleeps instead of the other way around.


Thank you. Actually this was very helpful. In english the sentence without the "ce" would be translated as: "She sleeps and after that she runs". Something like this... Obviously "ce" has several meanings, more than "what" in english. It didn't come up to me another word in english for "ce" for this sentence, but I have a very good sense for the meaning in my language (greek), so it is ok... PS: And think I had understood it wrong at the beginning... (the opposite)


That's 'one problem' of the romance languages... We have complementary words to build some sentences... The same thing happen in spanish and it causes a lot of problems to english speakers at the time they want to learn it, because they do not understand why we need to use many words.


If you know any French, the ce is equivalent to que.


It can't be "Ea doarme după că aleargă"?

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