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What Languages are you learning?

Im curious as to what language you guys are learning and how fluent; for example im learning French ATM :) and am 12% fluent

Comment below what languages you guys are learning x

April 20, 2017



You can look at the flags after someone's user name (in the forums) to see languages with Levels. Or you can look at their profile page and see their languages with XP for each one (though this is only for their currently selected UI language).


I'm learning Spanish, French, and Italian. I plan on learning Portuguese and Romanian next.


I see you like romance language :)


I'm learning all the languages that you can see in my profile, and, I'm learning Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic on Memrise. And I'm planning to learn Latin, Louxembourgish, Finnish, Icelandic and Czech.


You're doing too much. Don't spread too thin. It'll negatively impact your studies.


I am learning Esperanto along with my family. I am about 3% fluent :-) I am not very good at all yet.


Tio estas tre bona! Mi estas esperantiston de Perú! I might be one of the few Esperanto speakers in Perú


Italian, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, and Punjabi. I'm gonna learn Inuktitut and German when I'm better at my current languages.


the fluent meter is inaccurate so no you are not 12% fluent in Francais!


You don't have to be rude. The guy is just asking what languages we are learning, so you either tell him what you're learning, or you shouldn't post a comment.

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