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So you cannot suggest a correction anymore?

I noticed the new fast duoLingo and it seemed like a real improvement over the former version, up to when I came across a sentence in French in which the verb wasn't agreeing with the preceding direct object, so I intended to address the issue in the report box. What an unhappy surprise to find out that the write form was removed.

Most of us know the courses are not perfect, but they are improved by the moderators upon users requests and suggestions. Removing this tool may easy the moderators' job, but will certainly decrease the accuracy and polish of our courses. Was that the intention? How can we now report a mistake addressing the real issue and the rules that should and are not followed?

April 20, 2017


[deactivated user]

    They did say there could be bugs while they are still changing over to the new website, so I suggest you report this to them, as it is a very important issue.


    Well, this could well be really just a bug. Thank you for the suggestion, I will report it.

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