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  5. "Một chiến lược phát triển"

"Một chiến lược phát triển"

Translation:A development strategy

April 20, 2017



I heard that môn chiến lược phát triển ???


Yes, maybe an error.


Not an error. The "n" sound is like an extra added attraction to make the words flow better. You hear that a lot in songs.


OK, folks, I think I have the definitive answer to why an "n" sound is added to this word: LUYẾN LÁY. I am living with Vietnamese in US and I had three brains to pick this morning and they all agree this is why we hear "extra" sounds following some words. A literal translation from Google is "leaf attachment" but we all agree another, better in this case, translation is rhythm. But "leaf attachment" is tattooed in my mind as after a year here I feel I solved one of many Vietnamese mysteries.

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