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Reporting Problems

Ever since Duolingo has been remodeled, I haven't been able to report problems in the Italian exercises.

March 15, 2014



Hi! You can report a problem by clicking on 'Report a problem'. What exactly are you experiencing? Thanks for more details!


Sorry that I didn’t give any details. I clicked ‘Report a problem’, and then selected ‘My answer should be accepted’. I pressed ‘Submit’, but nothing happened: the button remained green, and the usual ‘Thank you for submission’ message never came up.

Thank you for all the hard work you've put into making this website amazing!


Thanks!! What browser are you using? Sure there wasn't an issue with your internet connection?


I was using Safari. There may have been a problem with my internet connection, although I have tried it multiple times.


It looks like this person has been experiencing the same problem: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1643644.


On the French course I have reported SO many times that when asked to write what I hear ‘en theorie oui’ in French I am told I have to write it in French - when is this going to be corrected?


I cannot speak into the microphone and move to the next question so have had to turn it off Please correct. Lynette Noakes


Duolingo is not recording my progress accurately. It is making me repeat the same lesson over and over. I have been having this problem since yesterday. It's isn't because I haven't passed the exercises. It seems to be a glitch and it's very frustrating.

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