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French VS Spanish

Hello everyone!! At school, I take Spanish. However, I was thinking of taking French on the side. Do Spanish and French get mixed up easily? Will French get mixed up with my Spanish? I would just like to see what you all think. Thanks!!! :)

April 20, 2017



If you said Italian, I might say yes. So no, French doesn't get mixed up with Spanish, due to its different pronunciation. French is derived from Vulgar Latin, but it's derived from Old French as well. Anyway, enjoy learning French.


The two languages are similar (enough so that one can help you learn the other easier), but not too similar that you will get many words mixed up. Sometimes if I don't know the word in one language I will say it in the other, but that is just me!


I took the French from Spanish course to avoid mixing them up and to continue learning Spanish with French.

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