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I told you I was seeing ads!

22 hours ago from Duolingo: Ads are coming to the website Duolingo staff has recently announced that the website code rewrite is about to be launched to all users. For the past month, all new users have had the updated website. I created a new account and took a look. it looks really nice, is faster, and wait... what is that? Yes, an ad. They have arrived at last. Happily, it is small and unobtrusive. I hope Duolingo keeps them this way, and maybe works them into our learning by having the ads be in our target language. But for a big change like this, I think the transition will be fine.

Happy learning!

April 20, 2017



Having ads in your target language is a really cool idea!


I think that would be awesome!


I was thinking the same thing!


I swear, why do people show ads for dumb stuff? I agree with you 110%


That would be cool. But these are in English.


Whatever Duo needs to do to support itself. I will continue to support it as long as it's free. Maybe this can help Duo out of some financial troubles?


It looks the same. (At least to me.)


It is the same not everyone has the update.(like me)

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