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"Người đàn ông không biết nấu ăn."

Translation:The man does not know how to cook.

April 20, 2017



Where in this sentence is it saying how? All I can see is the man doesn't know cooking rice? Is the how implied?


Can't you see "know how to cook" and "know cooking" have the same meaning?


Yes of course, there isn't any confusion. I'm just trying to get more specific and wrap my mind around some concepts. I don't know the word for "how," but would it be appropriate to put it after biết in the sentence for clarification? What if the man simply doesn't know what cooking is? Or if I replaced cooking with someone's name? "The man does not know Jim.


Don't think too much into it. There's no "how" in Vietnamese, it is implied.


Just before this sentence I had the following: "con thỏ không biết làm sao để yêu" (làm sao để=how to) so... The original question is very appropriate.


The word "how" is useless

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