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New Language?

I want to learn a new language, but I have no idea what language to learn. I am very busy normally so I don't really want it to be something I have to concentrate my full attention to, but I want it to be fun. Any ideas?

April 20, 2017



Whatever language here catches your eye! https://www.duolingo.com/courses


Norwegian. I've heard multiple times that Norwegian is an interesting tree.


Swedish is super-fun! The speaker/audio for Swedish is good on Duo too.


i also find it remarkably similiar to english. not to easy though.


French. its fun and easy


Ooh yea I have always thought about learning French Next. As of right now I feel like fully focusing on Spanish. Kudos to anyone who can learn so many languages all at once!


Yea me too...I mean I am trying to right now, but I am only starting to. It is so fun!


I am doing my reverse tree for french (Even though I'm not done learning french yet) I am also doing Russian for fun (Which I never thought I would do). I picked a random language to do on the side, so just pick whatever interests you or makes you curious :)


I definitely recommend Swahili then. It's not nearly as challenging as most of the other languages on Duolingo and is incredibly fun and unique! I haven't tried Esperanto but I hear that it is extremely easy I'm just not sure if it's fun though and is not at all widely spoken.


What's fun will really depend on you. Some people might think French is fun but others might think it's agony. You'll have to research cultures that you find fun and interesting, or sounds and appearances of languages while written if that is more important to you. There are languages who just have more to learn than others without being easier or harder than other languages; but if time is important, I don't recommend any languages with very different writing systems like Japanese or any of the Chinese languages. Might be best to stick with the typical common Romance languages Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Or Germanic languages German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish. Consider how likely it is you'll use a language, usefulness can be a good motivator. Looking at demographics online of your area or area you want to live in can be good way to find out what languages you could get to most use of. My area that I want to live in my state, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish are the best ones.


My result was Spanish. :-)


I personally absolutely love Japanese, so maybe give it a try when it comes out next month.

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