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  5. "Le cinture sono mie."

"Le cinture sono mie."

Translation:The belts are mine.

February 28, 2013



Can anyone tell me why "le mie" is not used in this instance?


"Le cinture sono le mie" could be correct, but it would have a slightly different nuance.

"Le cinture sono le mie." The belts are mine, probably the only ones I have, and probably somebody thought those were from somebody else.

"Le cinture sono mie" is more generic, you can always use it.


Thanks but could you give another example or two as it's still not clear


That's the clearest explanation I've had for the use or not of the article. Thanks.


when we say "... mine" its "mie" without the article and when we say "my ..." its "le mie". Is this a correct way to think about it?


Actually, "me mie" can be used as "mine". It's just not required like it is for "my".

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