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"Are you at the train station?"

Translation:Bạn ở nhà ga phải không?

April 21, 2017


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ga in nhà ga is a loan word from the French gare

November 23, 2017


I put "Bạn ở nhà ga không?" and was told this was wrong and that the correct answer is "Bạn ở nhà ga, phải không?". But doesn't this mean "You're at the train station, right?" which is not the same as "Are you at the train station?"

April 21, 2017


Yes, that is the structure of Vietnamese question. Now I'm writing a discussion on Vietnamese question structure, maybe you'd like to see it. Here is the link.

Edit: Sorry, I've reread your comment and I think here is your concern: the sentence is closer to "You're at the train station, right?" than "Are you at the train station?". The meaning of those two sentences are the same, though there are a few differences (such as, you are more sure that he is at the train station). I can't find other structure that have closer meaning. And there are also some questions that does not need "phải", such as "Bạn thích cuốn sách đó không?". I'll do research on that and will update on my post on VNese questions.

April 21, 2017


I just now saw this. Thanks, Huy.

October 6, 2019


The program keeps marking me wrong for using ở and it keep repeating the same question. How do I move forward from this hic up?

May 8, 2019


It gave me "Bạn ở nhà ga à?" as the correct solution. What does that final "à" mean?

October 3, 2018


it's a question marker, asking for a confirmation. unlike the typical yes/no question [có ... không] that would ask "are you at the train station", a [... à] question would rather ask "you are at the train station, really?"

October 3, 2018
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