Problem/Suggestion - multiple base languages

Hello, I have problem, that I have multiple courses, and they are not from the same base language (for example English from Czech, and Russian from English). Switching courses is really pain in the ass as there is no easy way to access courses from another base language - in both web and Android app I have to use "add new course" and search in all courses, although in fact I am not adding new course, I have that course already associated with my account.

I suggest to list ALL associated courses with user account regardless of base language in course switcher (both in web app and Android app).

Thanks for ANY reaction ;)

April 21, 2017


Hi Svatopluk9,

See for example this 1-year old discussion about this regularly made suggestion.

I have to use "add new course" and search in all courses

You'll find there also workaround to that long process you're describing.

April 21, 2017

Although I tried to search thoroughly, I missed this one thread, let me see... Hmmm. If I understand it correctly, it solves only web use by using bookmarks to particular course (that would be maybe acceptable) or by "hack" (TamperMonkey script, with nonworking link to that script). I think having list of all courses associated with given account is relevant request for normal behavior ... Doesn't solve my problem as I use 98% time Android app, to which none of suggested is applicable.

Thanks anyway.

Would be nice if developers give opinion on this issue, apparently not only mine issue.

April 21, 2017

with nonworking link to that script

Thx to (be the first to) mention that => link corrected.

Would be nice if developers give opinion on this issue, apparently not only mine issue.

They did in the past, cf. the link. No reason they changed their opinion about "it's not a priority".

April 21, 2017

OK, though I did not see any dev reaction. Only moderator suggesting (now nonexistent) way to contact devs, and estimating they know about issue.

If in Android app would be working what is on screenshots at that corrected github link ... mhmmm, yummy. Sadly, not probable, as it looks :/

April 21, 2017

though I did not see any dev reaction.

Dev don't react on forums(*). Maybe sad/unfortunate, but it's like that. And, personally, I understand it (even if I'd love they would) as it would take them too much time.

(now nonexistent) way to contact devs

There is a way to send feedback to staff (via cf. Support pages**) but there is no way (and never has been) to have assistance/discussion with staff/devs about things.

Sadly, not probable, as it looks :/

Indeed, it'll not work.

(*) except on their own discussions, plus on very very rare cases.
(**) The button "Nous contacter" has just been renamed as "Report Bug Report" (and form changed) in the English interface but it's still the same button as before. And, in under other interface (Duo in French, in Spanish, etc.) the button is still "Contacting us".
All that to confirm that you can use this "Bug Report" to send feedback. I do it all the time. As said before, you'll not have answer (except for an automatic one) but it'll be read by staff (sooner or later).

April 21, 2017
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