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  5. "Wamarekani hawajambo?"

"Wamarekani hawajambo?"

Translation:How are the Americans?

April 21, 2017



Americans are nit good, due to trump


I'm an American, and I so agree with you about that awful person! Just remember that the majority of us are outraged by him and by our politics right now- most of us are on your side!!


Is the word order in Swahili SVO (subject, verb, object) or OSV (object, subject, verb)?


Generally SVO. "Wamarekani" is the subject here.


It can also be SOV...."Ninampenda" vs. "ninapenda yeye"


Ninampenda is not an SOV sentence. It's a sentence that only consists of a verb. Where verbal agreement morphemes appear in the verb is not part of syntax but morphology. An example of SOV would be Mimi yeye ninampenda, which I am pretty sure is ungrammatical.


"The Americans how are they" is also a valid answer right?


According to Wiktionary [1], "hujambo" is short for "huna jambo", which means "Do you have anything?", and "sijambo" is short for "sina jambo", which means "I don't have anything". What is "hawajambo" short for? And are "huna", "sina", (and the form with "hawa") verbs? [1] https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hujambo


By comparison, hawajambo would be short for Hawana jambo. The words sina, huna, hawana are all negative forms to "have" which is taught later in the course.

Nina - I have Sina - I do not have Una - you have Huna -you do not have Wana- they have Hawana- they do not have


Hawajambo - Fine (can also be the answer) i dont understand why its not allowed.


Whrn i tap the word it says a question & a statment, which am i supposed to know?


The question mark at the end.

In spoken Swahili, the intonation is different. It can be similar to the questioning intonation in English, or it can also be a lot stronger, with the last two syllables having a distinct sound, almost like an English question where the speaker is just holding back from shouting the last syllable.


I don't think they're doing so well with COVID-19

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