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Is it possible to add another teacher to my classroom?

I am co-teaching Spanish and want to add my co-teacher to my classroom and give her access to see classroom activity, etc. Is this possible? Can you add more than one administrator to a classroom?

April 21, 2017



It's early days for the Duolingo for Schools system, and there's a lot of stuff that a teacher needs that hasn't been implemented yet. This is one of those features, along with handing a class over to another teacher, importing users by uploading a CSV file, etc.

There's also no way of assigning strengthening a skill, or assigning a homework of golding the tree, or keeping it gold, or earning XP that isn't from endlessly repeating the first lesson of the first skill, etc. There's also a lot of detail about your students use of Duolingo that you won't be able to see.


I would like to be able to handover a class too !


Hi MrMasterson,

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AFAIK, it's not possible and KenBookmye's idea of having a shared account with your co-teacher sounds like the best workaround to me.


I'm thinking no. You might set up an email account that you both can sign into but I don't think Duo is set up for coteachers. Another option would be to have the other teacher set up an account and have the students join that classroom I think a student can be in more than one class at a time based on other stuff I read

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