"Vagoanele roșii sunt pentru vaci și vagoanele verzi sunt pentru porci."

Translation:The red carriages are for cows and the green carriages are for pigs.

April 21, 2017



As I know, ”carriage” is the name of a railway car transporting people (Romanian: vagon de persoane), while for freight / goods the correct name would be ”wagon” (Romanian: vagon de marfă). Can we have some English native help?

May 18, 2017


Certainly carriage is a strange choice of word for transportation of livestock. Wagon would be by far the better choice of word here for exactly the reasons you state crbatu...

May 22, 2017


Many thanks!

May 23, 2017


Carriages, wagons or cars should be ok

September 8, 2018


ha! that is why all carriages are green in Ro... now I know...

April 21, 2017


In my experience, green carriages are quite rare. Red or blue seem by far the predominant color.

April 21, 2017


Well, sorry if we are far behind with the news, hehe, maybe they changed the colors now, but we think you didn't commute ("n-ai făcut navetă”) Iași-Pașcani (or Iași-Vaslui) in the '70s-'80s... :P

We here, still remember those green cars filled to the top with greasy workers continuously playing cards (even when standing, the most of them were standing, the few seats were either taken or broken), cussing about genital parts, and smelling of cheap ”țuică” (”rachiu de sfeclă” like our friends from ”Fără zahăr” would say... (https://youtu.be/dt1ILgLwEsA?t=83)

April 22, 2017


I read that the color of the trains depends on the kind of train. So the slow local trains have a different color than the faster ones for larger distances. I think the fastest is blue. Isn't it called the blue arrow, or something?

April 22, 2017


Very interesting. Now I have learnt about fără zahăr :)

May 17, 2018
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