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Issues with "strengthen skills" review

Hello everyone,

I would like to report that, after the new "web rewrite" deployment, I am having issues with the general review available under "strengthen skills".

Basically, it is 2 or 3 days that I keep being tested on exactly the same questions, while practising German for English speakers on a fully golden Duo tree. The most frequent questions are "Er duscht" and "Plastik". Is this normal? Such words don't even appear in the "Words" section of Duolingo, where we can usually review the strength of the vocabulary items we already learned.

It sounds like Duolingo is testing me on a single-word-translation (i.e. Plastik) but it then omits to take note that it has been reviewed and correctly translated by me. At the next "strengthen skills" review, I'll be prompted, once again, with the same question, even if less than 2 minutes have passed since the last exercise.

I know Duolingo is built on spaced repetition, but the concept of "spacing" the time intervals seems to be wrecked right now :-)

Anyone else experiencing the same issues?

April 21, 2017



What annoys me about the Strengthen skills bit is that twice I have sailed through only to have the very last sentence rejected. I write down the correct response in case I actually was wrong, and type it in again, and again, but I can never actually finish the module.


yes, this is also happening to me, and it keeps not registering that I have completed a section. also it is mixing up German and Portuguese by giving me a choice of german accents when I am on the protuguese section fo the site.


Ikr, this is annoying i am literally forced to repeat 2 or 3 words/sentences like 10 times in a row.


Yep, "chemisches" and "Lehrbuch" here.

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There have been similar problems for some people on the old version too, for at least 6 months.

Eg https://www.duolingo.com/comment/18793904




Something similar is happening to my Greek course...although I must say how pleased I am with the course so far... (38 day streak)...anyway.. In the strengthen skills for Adjectives 1 it doesn't matter how many times I do the exercises it always remains 4/5 All the other skills work fine.


I am also facing the same issue ....I have done the Basics 0/1 of German language for more than 10 times everytime my fluency increases and my level changes......but the next reading session which Basics 0/2 wont get activated.....not sure what is happening........Can someone please check?


i have found that I am having a lot less problems now i have switched to google chrome, I was using plain google before so I am wondering if the update has caused a compatibility problem. the Portuguese is now working more or less as before, but I am still having problems with the German

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