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"Cetățenii nu aleg miniștrii din guvern!"

Translation:The citizens do not elect the ministers from the government!

April 21, 2017



In the english translation, the phrase "the ministers from the government" is very clumsy and not what would be said. Instead of "from" we would say "of". I see that the Romanian sentence says "din" and maybe that sounds natural to a Romanian ear.


i translated : FOR the government....Not FROM.... to me using FROM is the wrong preposition! whoever do elect or choose ministers, they are then not already in the government!!! so to me "from" is incorrect


OF, IN or FOR the government. But not FROM.


"The citizens do not elect the ministers of government" was marked wrong ?


Ministri* este forma corecta


In this sentence, "miniștrii" is correct, which is the articulated plural form of "ministru".
Sure, you could also say "Cetățenii nu aleg miniștri din guvern!", but that would be a different sentence, which translates to "The citizens do not elect ministers from the government!".


"The citizens do not elect ministers from the government!" is preferred. I wouldn't say "The citizens do not elect the ministers from the government!". It doesn't sound right in most contexts.

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