Et vs En

What is the difference between these two, when do I use Et vs En

April 21, 2017


In Norwegian we have three different types of articles for nouns: masculine, feminine and neuter.

You use "en" if the word is masculine

You use "ei" if the word is feminine ("en" can also work sometimes)

You use "et" if the word is neuter

When it comes to when to use which you have to look at how you would conjugate the noun

En gutt - gutten - gutter - guttene

Ei jente - jenta - jenter - jentene

Et hus - huset - hus - husa or husene

Thanks this was useful!

How do you know when something is masculine or neuter just by looking at the word?

You don't, you'll have to memorize that :)

"You use 'ei' if the word is feminine ('en' can also work sometimes)". Got it. Ok, now, how can I know then this "sometimes" cases when 'en' can work for femenine nouns? It can't be random right?

thank you so much!

Et for neuter words, en for masculine, en or ei for feminine.

I was wondering the same!

why "en bok" not "et bok" ?

Simply because the noun "bok" in Norwegian is a masculine noun, therefore "en"

I think en is acceptable anytime you would think it was acceptable to say 1. This is my hypothesis, but en can mean a/an or 1, so there is a person there or there is 1 person there.

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