"My child"

Translation:Mtoto wangu

April 21, 2017

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Why is Wangu used here, it is "my child" the possessive pronoun for singular is angu, and because it is my child in the singular sense (M class?), shouldn't it not be "wangu" meaning plural?


I'm not quite sure I understand your question.

"-angu" is never used on its own. The w- on -angu does not indicate that it's plural as plural and singular are identical for anything treated like the M-WA class (1/2).

mtoto wangu = my child
watoto wangu = my children

In other classes, the forms differ between plural and singular.

mti wangu = my tree
miti yangu = my trees

jina langu = my name
majina langu = my names

kitanda changu = my bed
vitanda vyangu = my beds

nyumba yangu = my house
nyumba zangu = my houses

ubavu wangu = my rib
mbavu zangu = my ribs


Typo. Majina yangu.


So how do u know which one it will change to? Is it just one of those things that u have to memorize? Whether its a w,y,l,c,v,z, in front of angu?


So wangu doesnt pop up as a translation when I tap "My," I get "kwangu," "-angu," and "yangu." Although it was marked correct, Duo said my answer of kwangu was a typo and it should be wangu. Not sure if that was a mistake on Duo's part or what.

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